Buy, Sell, Wheel, Deal, Hustle. Becoming a new-age social media salesman

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Online Sales, All the Time

I have always loved the hustle. That’s what attracted me to Wall Street, to New York. To China. to wholesale markets. Life is going faster then ever….I’m running between 4 or 5 countries in a couple months. Have alliances, offices throughout China (shanghai, fujian, shenzhen), Philippines, USA. I’m getting phone calls from India, speaking bad chinese to phone call salesman.

Blood is flowing. Making things work. Deadlines approach.

I remember many times hearing “How is Mike gonna get outta this one this time”?

Locked out of an office, phone battery dead. Supplier withholding product. Customer Service Manager out on holiday unreachable. Customer not providing delivery address and shipping courier is in your face pushing you to fill out the customs paperwork.

So many times I complain, but its the game. Its the hustle. Having people approach me with their new product or service idea. Someone coming to me as a resource, connecting them to the right person. Helping someone get a job (been doing a ton of that lately).

How to monetize this, or is it all long term, relationship building. That will come back tenfold.

I do have my core businesses selling bar products online and doing some internet marketing consulting. But I get friends coming to me about a new product, where to get CAD. Where to get rapid prototyping. Black box manufacturing. Its taken years of getting my ass kicked, on the ground, as the man in the arena in the warzone on the forefront of business…..

Then I go back to the “jack of all trades, master of none”, and focus focus focus! But isn’t social media sales and marketing a focus? The topic of what is sold or marketed becomes less important as the actual marketing and sales function.

Then there is PERSONAL BRANDING thats being thrown around everywhere. People want to do business with people, not companies. And facebook, twitter, blogs are not about being some corporate monster conglomorate, but an APPROACHABLE, friendly, knowledgeable source for others to come to.

I mean, i’m focusing around:

MAIN LOCATIONS: China, USA, Philippines

SERVICES: internet marketing, ecommerce, product development, (international trade and merchant payments)

PRODUCTS: More on the home decor, bar, and gift / novelty sector instead of electronics.

Just building up critical mass, online. Sources, and people who want to access those sources. And its value add is these people both trust my judgement……I’ve made some mistakes connecting wrong people, but I keep on tweaking it on both sides.

I have just become so passionate about interacting with people online, and turning online relationships into business and real life meetings! I think it started when i was traveling and in order to stay in touch I decided to blog it online for those who wanted to keep up. And my love for the internet kept growing, and finding more people, and that is where I’m finding my niche.

Is it a JOB, or is it a BUSINESS? Networking.

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    1. Author

      lol, i’m not that advanced at photoshop, and would be embarassing to put this in a workflow…haah

  1. i am also wondering what kind of product is hight profit:-(…

    1. Author

      yea, its hard Jane. its about high profit products, but its also about doing business in something you

      1) ENJOY

      2) have some kind of advantage in – product experience, knowledge, network connections…..

      but yes, business is not easy, especially these days

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