Its Not What We Are Getting, Its What We Are Becoming

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Keep that in mind, everyone wants to GET PAID, but its also about growing, learning, and experiencing. So I titled this after a great quote from Jim Rohn :

Its not what we are getting, its what we are becoming – Jim Rohn

Life is exactly about that. So many people are pre-occupied with what is in their bank account, parked in their driveway, or their clothing and fashion statements…..I used to really be this way. I thought life would be good if I had a lot of money, could buy what I wanted, etc etc.

But I think its when we LOSE things we really realize, what really matters. Money can come and go so quickly in today’s world. I have experienced it, as well as seen it happen on the news and between friends. Companies here today, gone tomorrow. Win a lottery. Lawsuits. And there is the unexpected deaths. All these experiences and witnessed events helped me develop and realize.

Is it really how big a company is. How do you measure the “size” of a company? The amount of workers, the sales, the customers. I have constantly been changing the way I look at success. And it has slowly and slowly moved away from material things and “Digital” things (money is digital nowadays…all online numbers!), to more personal development things.
Like that saying:

If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere

or the Alicia Keys chorus here:

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothin’ you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York, New York,
New York

Its the EXPERIENCE that counts. The notches under your belt. The people you have met, the relationships you have built. Sure, maybe people see this is a “loser” saying, but then tell yourself what is winning and losing? What is “making it”. Its become stronger, more independent, more “cultured”.

And China taught me tons too. Jeez, that song should be modified from “make it in New York” to “make it in China”. I really believe its difficult for foreigners to do business in China…..between language and culture….there are just so many various things to take into consideration.

Recently I’ve been talking to other foreigners, seems many are leaving China….its getting harder and harder to do business there with rising currency and inflation happening so rapidly (costs increasing). And so when someone leaves a place, and thinks, what did they gain from it. And seeing this is a wake up call, again and again for me…..when “the show is over” and the dust settles, what do we really have. Seeing this over and over, both personally and from afar, is what makes me love this quote – ITS NOT WHAT WE ARE GETTING, ITS WHAT WE ARE BECOMING.

Experience is worth so much more. Knowledge. Those are things no one else on this earth can take away from us.

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  1. Finally got the song singing in ur head haha

    Yes, TIC~

    Like Macau is earning at least three times of Vegas. China is rapidly growing yet, u either get into the culture or u’d kick ur own ass 😉 x

    1. Author

      yea, i thought of ya when i posted this song, as you sent it to me way back.

      China is definitely getting bigger…..and like NY, if you can make it there…..jeez

  2. yes!! wheres my name on this blog?? haha
    u’ll b fine anywhere~

    1. Author

      sure, i know Lammy, you were the one who sent this over to me!!! thanks babes….stay strong, you’ll do fine in germany

      its gonna be a great experience for ya

  3. Kinda like Happiness in Pursuit – I agree mate – it’s enjoying the path and what your becoming as well as the results you get. When am I going to see your ass again? November?

    1. Author

      sure, thats what this blog is all about……its not reaching the goal….its the never ending pursuit.

      i’m back tuesday, but may go to zhongshan first…or stay in hk a day or two.

      stay tuned.

  4. i’m only traveling……might stay in the uk might b back to hk after the euro trip….not sure yet~

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