Back To Business In Saigon

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Back To  Business in Saigon

Just can’t seem to stop hearing about this place

Things are booming in Saigon, Vietnam!

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Less than a year ago I took my first trip to Saigon, aka HCMC and this place is growing like crazy. Got an early bird ticket to DCxSGN a few months ago and honestly forgot about the travel plans I booked (that USA trip was intense and maybe I should have stayed home in China and rested!)

But –  you know me – I love to overload myself and push the limits.

So didn’t waste that flight, airbnb, and ticket already setup and took the same flight with Chris Moore – and even bumped into John Cavendish on the flight.  Little bit of hiccups on the transport (saved that for another blog) – but still hit the ground running.

Things going on here:

Tons of digital nomads – but wish I would see more “domestic” business – most still dealing with online businesses not related to the local market at all (this is why I like China – we have huge opportunity to do domestic business)

Met our Amazon supplier Danny – in the Amazon business I was able to meet one of our suppliers  – also got him as a Global From Asia podcast guest to discuss manufacturing scene in Vietnam which I am very curious about!

Making more Southeast Asia business content, learning how things work here.