Photo Shoots, Content Creation, Brand Building

Photo Shoots, Content Creation, Brand Building

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Many people ask me how to sell online. How to make a website, how to make a brand. Should they do drop shipping? Amazon FBA? Etc.

To me, all that is forged in my mind is to make a brand. The way to sell is just an output of the product. A channel, that is it.

Today’s vlog, just a behind the scenes of brand building for a series of products and brands we are selling – and to show the amount of time, strategy, and investment needed to “build a brand”.

That it is so much more than just putting a logo (private label) on a box. It is creating content, educating people, building awareness, and standing out from others in the marketplace. To connect with people for a certain use case, need, and market fit.

For example, the Excalibur Brothers men’s leather flask – we are noticing customers buying more than 1. We are looking at the market, and the keywords – and seeing that people are using this as a gift to give groomsmen at a wedding. And our packaging and positioning stand out as a gift for them on that special day.

So we set up a photo and video shoot of the model, wearing a suit, having the flask in his suit’s inner pocket. This will turn into a photo on the product listing, along with a video tutorial explaining it is a great gift for a groomsman at a wedding.

So hope you enjoy our behind the scenes, it was an exhausting day, dragged the kids into it as well and even used them as models for a “father’s day gift” use case too.

Make em earn their keep!

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[Got my kids to work – gotta earn their keep right?!]

Building a brand is more than a label on a box. It is creating content, and today we take you behind the scenes. We picked a mountainside cafe, brought products and gear, and made content. Content in video and photo form – to connect with customers. To show how it can be used, and why. This is building a brand – to connect with people.

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