To Run Around Building Communities

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To Run Around Building Communities

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Community, we had a GFA Meetup about Community development for your crowdfunding campaign and e-commerce business this past weekend. That sparked the idea of this blog/vlog. Everything really is community, and to be honest, as everyone fears losing their job to robots and AI – one sector that is definitely safe (in my opinion) is community building and management.

Community is everywhere. Whether it’s your family, your friends, your fellow coworkers, or people in a similar work industry, we all like to group with others similar to us.

For us at Global From Asia – community has been a huge focus lately. We had an amazing Cross Border Matchmaker end of October – and really doing amazing things bridging the Chinese and International e-commerce communities together.

From that event, there is huge interest to continue to bridge these 2 sides. It is budding into an association, we are aligning Global From Asia to protect and promote this association and make a strong cross-border ecommerce community. Still a lot of details to sort out – you’re one of the first to hear about this – we are gathering a board and taking key members to get behind this.

And it is happening, I am going to USA Feb 1 – 18 – finally – and can’t wait. I miss my friends and family back home. Here is a bit of an announcement I’m only going to Florida. I mentioned to some of my friends last time I was in America – over 2 years ago – that I would not travel as much the next time I came – so you gotta come down to Florida

We are working on a couple things there – an intensive workshop – Feb 7 and 8 for those who are interested in getting a ton of valuable insights and knowledge about everything China business.

Also working on a bit of a social party on a weekend. Still deciding the exact format, maybe that weekend after the workshop.

Community is key, to business and personal life. Hope to offer some valuable knowledge and networking to my friends and colleagues back home stateside. Let’s make the best of our lives, and I hope to make the best of the few weeks I’m back in America.

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