Thanksgiving Coming, Q4 Pressure Full Force

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Nov 20 – 26, 2022

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In Photo: at the photo shoot, Maggie found a cat to play with.

Truly trying my best to hold on through fourth quarter. Amazon’s warehouse is overloaded from what it looks like and as all these brands and sellers try to make the most of Christmas, it is a challenge with inventory restrictions.

This week:
* More brand content – photo shoot this past weekend, turning that into product photo and video content.
* More warehouse pushing – trying to get all this logistics – from Esatto to Akitai to Excalibur Brothers, pushing ahead.
* Year end evaluations for team

Social media post:
Truly trying my best to hold on through fourth quarter. Amazon’s warehouse is overloaded, photo shoot content, warehouse transition, year end assessments

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Nov 20 – 26, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Wow, it is Thanksgiving week. November flew by, a lot of stressful sleepless nights (like October) and we are full on into Fourth Quarter (Q4) with all of our Ecommerce brands active and live.

It is something we should celebrate – while there are still some hurdles to overcome on getting every product live on amazon (see all 3 brands, even a fourth developing, is live and making sales. Akitai we joined as partner this Spring, Excalibur Brothers we converted into a new product brand just late last year, and Esatto we have been waiting for this moment of go-live since mid 2020.

So we are making it happen. We are taking action – dealing with each issue as they come, and improving over and over. In a portal task with Alvin, I said to him – you’re a real “Shadstone ninja” – you’re listening to feedback, improving, giving suggestions, and staying positive and growing. This is what we need to keep doing. It will never be done, it will never be perfect. We just need to keep learning and improving and iterating to achieve excellence.

Ok, enough of the fluff – lets talk about some specific things:

* Photo shoot for more content – this past Saturday here in Chiang Mai, Thailand we did a product photo/video shoot for a lot of products and rands. Hope this can be used as lifestyle images on our listings as well as social media and website content. To make the most of it – that is building a brand.
* Esatto is chugging along – some SKU issues with the color variations. Also working on ambassadors, NYBS interviews, Vine program. Just deep in a BRAND launch of 40 skus, not a product launch but a brand launch.
* BeckyAI launch – almost funded, working on a new influencer strategy and webinar. Making the most of the content and the next steps for long term branding and growth.
* Akitai – Amazon inventory limits causing issues, looking at creative solutions – but it is all delaying our new product line launch and is annoying.
* EB – via blimp method program, David ordered the product, we are getting Klein back on track. Other franchisees preparing re-orders. Developing and refining our processes. Need to do a franchisee call this week to get that back on track monthly.
* Inno-launch service – Phenie re-designing site. Working on service packages. Discussing budgets and systems.
* GFA kids – IT department discussing with them and hope to make a better workflow.
* GFA – met Amazon last week – may be some training collaboration, also just making epic content from all these experiences.
* NowSZ – various creative ideas being discussed.
* Handshake, Flamingo Handshake auction, mastermind, HandyCon – crypto got hit hard w FTX scam, and may push this bear market out even longer. But we will keep up our commitment doing monthly auctions and twitter spaces and need to start pushing ahead on HandyCon 3 for March 2023.

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