Mike’s Blog turns 12 years old

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This blog turns 12

On March 26, 2007 I started this blog. I had quit my job on Wall Street – at Deutsche Bank – and was going full time entrepreneur – selling bar products online (which we had been doing since 2004) and sourcing from China (a new domain was registered then – Shadstone.com)

I enjoy just blogging. I don’t have these proof read by an editor (my grammar still sucks), it is just a place for me to document and if someone cares to read, they can.

Too many other websites to manage more professionally, this one is just for the heck of it.

To be honest, there have been a round of trolls on the blog (currently one name Lars) – but they come and go. I guess they get annoyed by my “whatever, this is what I do” style and don’t really know what my business is and decide to make a fake name and email and try to bother me with their annoying comments. But they eventually go away – and this blog has stood the test of time.

Wish more people would comment – if I post this on Facebook many people will see it, but I’m really tired of social media. This blog is getting older, and so am I (my birthday is next week).

Here’s to 12 more years – well, to the rest of my life – and I hope my kids help renew the domain after I’m dead.

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