Biggest Investment - Family

Family is an Investment

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Life just keeps throwing things at ya and you need to react and adjust.

But one that I am set on is to be the best father and husband I can be. Some have noticed the struggle and pain I went through sticking it out in China for 2.5 years (even returning in March 2020 in the first place). Staying at my in-laws from March 2020 to August 2021 was true true “investment”. Often I joke that it was the longest Chinese New Year holidays with the in-laws on record.

Even that additional year in Shenzhen from August 2021 to August 2022 was an investment. Trying to do business and also balance my wife’s concerns about “the dangerous virus outside China” – Shenzhen seemed to be the most practical.

And then the “escape” out of China when they realized they dont want people to leave. That was a multiple month hassle of getting permission for the whole family to leave China, and also getting permission for the whole family to enter (and remain) in Thailand long term (my work permit here and my family under me).

There was so many times it could have been so easy to just go solo. As an entitled US passport holder, I can escape China with ease, enter Thailand with ease – but I am a father and a husband. We all need to go together – especially in these “crude” times where I see so many families being separated for years due to immigration and border policies – just can’t risk it.

So I am realizing the biggest investment is my family. Been petrified to even leave Chiang Mai to go to Bangkok for a business trip – petrified there will be some sudden lockdown and separation from my wife and children. Just a lot of trauma over the last few years hearing horror stories of my fellow dads that live cross border lifestyles that have been locked out from seeing their wife and children.

Even have various nightmares of this separation happening. I have friends, close friends, still doing daily Wechat video calls with their wife and children who are in China and they are outside of it. Similar nightmares I had after September 11 – just true trauma.

Trying to build up the determination that it is safe for me to leave my wife and children and take a trip. Or to take all of them with me? Everywhere I go? Hopefully November I’ll loosen up but post Covid has been a bit dramatic for me.


While all of us are talking about business and sales – what is a real investment?


My kids are getting into kindergarten now – and spending time teaching them, giving them ideas and guidance, has had real impact.

And that is a lifelong investment.

Watching them grow up, learning, forming their ideas and personalities has been life changing.

My parents did the same for me, and I realized that is what life is about.

That’s why I am all for business and freedom – but also balance with family. As those are the real dividends in life.

Check out this short clip where I talk about my top investment – my family:

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