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whoever told me you don’t need to speak Chinese in Shanghai was full of it….at least where i’m staying, the taxis – no one speaks english! I have to use my friend’s text messages in Chinese characters to tell the cabbie where to drop me off….and the volume of bikes, scooters, people walking, running, cars driving in the left lane taking right turns, what is going on…

haha, love the insanity

last night saw a world map on the wall – with Asia on the left and Americas on the right….that was a trip….had to stare at it for a few minutes to let it soak in….

internet is TOOOOO slow…..hear they are working on some ocean pipelines for faster data transfer between usa and china…better get that working asap! telling you, its slower then dial up..and less reliable!

at the shanghai museum – crazy painting of an old dude eating the heart of a baby….freaked me out

touring Shanghai yesterday

Mosaic Glass factory – Jane and Chunqi

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  1. dude – shanghai looks amazing. that skyline is awesome. and the chaos it sounds like a lot of fun. right up yer alley hey. dude I wish I someday get to see what you saw so far. keep livin the dream man. and are those the mosaic people you were talkign to in july / aug? NICE!!!!

  2. yea – those are the mosaic ppl from that crazy deal I was working….they’re really cool people and have a lot going on! Yes, this place is amazing…and the chaos,…yep perfect!

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