​​Unboxing Videos As An Amazon Influencer

​​Unboxing Videos As An Amazon Influencer

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The thing about creating, there will never be an end for it.

Building, making, tweaking, improving.

And today’s blog is no different. My buddy and advisor and business partner at Blimp Method – Meir – gave me some tips on using all the product videos and unboxing I have been making and apply it to my Amazon influencer account

Over the years been reviewing products on Amazon and now in addition to simply buying the product, doing a test, photo, and text writeup – scaling this up as an Amazon Influencer.

Check out my Amazon Influencer Shop here where you’ll see the first video unboxing that was just uploaded here at the end of October 2022.

What is the plan? To make many many more unboxing videos of Amazon products and build out a complete library.

Here is the first one, unboxing of a wine polishing cloth.


What brand? The idea has dawned on me – make multiple channels for different niches, and instead of hiding myself – just be an influencer making videos under that channel.

For example – for a niche I am a big fan of and part of for decades, bar and kitchen and trending products can use New York Bar Store style of videos with the bumper and flash.

For more tech and innovative products, can use this Mike’s Blog format of video.

Even have a setup for green screen, or other backgrounds here at my home studio.


The sky is the limit here, and as a content creator – extending the content to unboxing videos as an Amazon influencer just makes that much more sense. Early in this rabbit hole, but seems to be one worth digging deeper into.

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Do what you love,
And in this case – it is creating content. For years been doing podcasts, vlogs, blogs, the list goes on and on.
Then my buddy, advisor, and partner Meir says – you should be an Amazon influencer.
I’m thinking to myself – but I’m a seller, can I also be an influencer.
Sure – of course he said.
And so – a couple weeks later and the first 3 unboxing videos have been made and published.
Link to my Amazon influencer shop in the comments.

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