Is It Bad To Tell Too Much, To Be Too Real?

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I am not going to disclose the people who suggest this, but a few people say I am telling TOO MUCH on my blog. That showing my chaotic and insane life online may scare employees, business partners, and current or potential customers – as well as show my competitors who may be reading this too much inside information on my thought process, business practices, etc.

But I say – THAT IS EXACTLY the damn point. I want to be a real human being. I don’t want to be some generic web author who doesn’t show his face online. I am a living, breathing person, who has problems, and faces them – so why not share that with the world. Maybe sharing these problems would help prevent someone else from having the same issue. To connect with my story, understand it, and then move forward in a more informed way. People say I shouldn’t share this problem so that others can have the same problems as me, so that they also have to pay the “initiation” or “dues” that I paid to get into this situation? crazy-me
I wish I had someone to help me with all these crazy problems…..seems there aren’t any rules…international business. Between one country to another – there isn’t a rulebook. So IT IS CRAZY AND CHAOTIC. And for any businessman to say that it is “calm and cool” to do business internationally as a small, MICRO, business startup would be LYING, or HAS NO IDEA what they are talking about.
I have a chaotic life. I work all hours of the day, and night, and weekend. I live my business. And if any other startup small businessman can tell me that everything works out as planned, and they get to work only 8 hours a day….well, either they have tons of cash to cushion themselves, or they have an awesome business mentor, or they are LYING.
So I am going to keep blogging, telling people the crazy problems I get myself into. You know what – BECAUSE I DONT CARE – And I need to let it out, get it on paper. It makes me feel better, and I have to be more selfish. If you want to read this, then you can. If you can benefit from reading this, I feel better. If you are a competitor and are going to be able to take advantage of me from reading this entry, then , haha, I dont know how really – but be my guest. And if you’re an employee afraid about your job then I guess you don’t know me by now anyway. Because I try to be a straight shooter. And if you’re a customer, or potential customer, then yes, I am a crazy maniac. But I will try my best to benefit you in the product or service you receive.
Speech is over. Also, its 4am in china as I write this. I am just SO MOTIVATED. I keep on going forward. Sure, I see people around me fall, move on, give up, try different things. So what, you are you, I am myself. And life goes on.

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  1. There are so many people on the Internet who are wiling to share something with others.
    You are one of them.Reading the posts in your blog can enlarge my horizons.Thank you so much!
    And good luck to you.

    1. Author

      Thanks Chris, I am glad reading these posts enlarges your horizons! I think the main idea of my blog lately is of cultural differences, travels, and issues in doing international business – so I hope you can learn from it and grow!

      Dave – yea, well I put this PINK SHIRT on the blog entry for exactyl that reason – haah, because some people may not like it – but I can do what I want, right haha. You know how I feel about the internet today, its all about being social and being real, and this blog hopefully displays that feeling. Keep on keeping on.

  2. I have a complaint – your wearing pink..

    On a serious note – you know as well as anyone how the world of marketing is changing. Be real, novel, human, engage and listen. Let the old think folk bother with putting up a face and suffer the ever diminishing returns on their outdated efforts.

  3. I am a living, breathing person, who has problems, and faces them

    oh,i luv this one.

    i totally agree that we should just be who we r.

  4. BTW,thanks for sharing your experiences .
    They did enlarge my horizon 2.
    and I wish you all the best .

    1. Author

      Thanks Kori,
      yes, life is too short to worry about what someone else may think. I am getting more and more bold and open…..I just learn to live online….and let me friends, family, and whomever else get what they can from it


  5. O what’s wrong wiv pink? It’s baby pink!! Haha

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