Is There Enough Money + Resources In The World Today?

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Reading the world news here in the philippines, watching people from the window hustle to make 1 peso (45 pesos to 1 us dollar, so do the math) commission for bringing a customer on the jeepnee (public bus kinda…) while in the news im reading about the first ice cream truck for DOGS thats in the UK!!

The red, white, and blue truck, dubbed ‘K99,’ will dish (and cone) up a variety of pup-friendly flavors like “Dog Eat Hog World,” a concoction of cured leg of pork and chicken. Then there’s the classic “Canine Cookie Crunch,” which is vanilla ice cream topped off with dog biscuits.

The truck will open for a “pet party” in the park.

“The weather has been so hot, we thought dogs deserved a cooling treat as much as anyone else,” said event organizer Sally Bezant.

Why does this world need an ice cream truck for dogs when there are starving people in the world….its amazing…..
Then it keeps making me think about “the world is flat theory”, the re-distribution of wealth….internet and technology breaking down economic, political, geographical, and cultural divides in order to allow all people on earth to have the same opportunities and chances.
Yet, there are still these strange stories…dog ice cream truck…..that still makes my jaw drop…..i guess indirectly this goes back into the economic ecosystem……manufacturing, servicing, etc. But couldnt they come up with other ways to utilize their savings or investment……
Sure, we are all free to make our own decisions with our own money…but i cannot imagine these people are aware of how others live in this world. Wondering if they were more aware, more informed, having experienced how others lived, they would make different choices with their hard earned cash.
Spending time in various parts of the world, usa, europe, asia… eyes are so wide open… perspective on life will never be the same….no matter where i end up living, or spending the rest of my life, i will appreciate what i have, and not “waste” my money on frivilous things such as a doggy ice cream truck.

To my blog title – IS THERE ENOUGH MONEY IN THE WORLD to support dog ice cream trucks, and feeding starving children that exist now? Is it natural resources? Oil, wood, stone, gold that a country has, or has taken ownership of, that determines which country’s people should have certain amenities? Just really makes me think, and hope, that everyone in life has a fair chance……but right now seems a little unlikely.
My friend ken in new york was chatting to me about this topic, while visiting in china….that he cannot think about it too hard when he spends so much money on “non critical” things back home…..or else it will get to him. He also was joking and said if he were to move to philippines that he wouldnt make money anymore and convert to a humanitarian.
Maybe it is affecting me too…..but it is true, why do we need to buy and own some crazy piece of material….to just enjoy life and experience it. “tread lightly”
Anyway…..just seeing both sides of the spectrum really makes me think, starving kids on the street to ice cream trucks for dogs……and i thought i would reflect

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  1. I caught about 30 min of TV today and one bit of it was that K99 ice cream truck. I didn’t know it was ok for dogs to eat ice cream!! 😀

  2. hello,Mike, i can’t agree more! there is a saying in China which goes like this “宁做太平犬,不做乱离人”. it means the humans in war time envy the dogs in peaceful time. it’s such an irony! i don’t hate the rich and i don’t hate their dogs, but i do hope they could spare more time caring about those in poverty. it’s not their fault to be born in a poor country or in an unstable time after all!

    1. Author

      hey Nigel,

      Sure, we cannot curse rich people who are lucky / fortunate enough to be born into money.

      I think about Donald Trump. He was born into a rich family, but he made BILLIONS from his family business. Really took it to the global level. He was smart about how he invested and managed his family’s business.

      But then there are those rich and priviledged people who, in our opinion, do not invest their money in a sensible way.

      But then who are you or I to judge what another person should do with their money….right???? People are free to do what they want with their own money.

      Just wish there was a better way……to give everyone in life the same chance

  3. hello,Mike! i’m afraid this sentence “Is it natural resources? Oil, wood, stone, gold that a country has, or has taken ownership of, that determines which country’s people should have certain amenities?” is longer than i can handle. does it mean what a country has or has ownership of can’t decide its residents’ living standard?

    1. Author

      the basic idea is that some countries have oil, wood, etc

      some countries have none of these things.

      did these countries BUY them? No, their land has them,……..

      so the idea is, like in the middle east, THEY ARE SO RICH! why? Because they have OIL! and lots of it.

      But like in middle of africa, there are countries that have baren land, deserts, nothing they can use to sell/trade to other countries.

      So my meaning is, resource-rich countries have money/power, while those countries without much natural resources are poor.

      And who had control of this situation?

      get my meaning now?

  4. there is actually not enough money in the world for real if you divide it up everyone would be worth 5000 dollars us maybe 6000 , so every person or entity that has lots of money for every million dollars they have means that 166 people in the world are now broke . If there is not enough money to begin with the money system could never work and there will always be people without money and then people with lots of money, until this is fixed the money system will never work.

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