hey, did you know about my Cross Border Summit Event?

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Hey – Did You Know About My Fourth Annual Cross border Summit?

Connecting Personal blog more to my business. Some of the readers on Mike’s blog are not clear what I actually do for a living. I forget that many do not know all the other websites and businesses that I am running – with our main event of the year coming in about a month – Cross Border Summit.

The Cross Border Summit is a conference for “Cross border trade” – more focused on the export market – B2C, Amazon FBA, import/export deal makers. It is not a massive multi-thousand person event, instead we focus on quality over quantity with about 150 max attendees.

It started as part of the Global From Asia blog – but spun off and has made partnerships and alliances in China as well as Colombia and we have a dedicated website now – CrossBorderSummit.com – with next months, being in China, on Crossbordersummit.com/china/

Two full days, 20 plus speakers, round tables, networking events, lunches together. Each year people feel it is more of a retreat than a conference as everyone is enjoying being together and making alliances and deals.

I feel I should talk more about my business stuff on my personal blog and social media – so with about am month until the conference – here you go – I am doing Cross Border Summit with an amazing set of speakers and attendees from around the world.

If Mikesblog.com is how you found out about Cross border Summit, that would be cool to know!

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