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Seems like twitter meetups still confuse so many non-twitter users, and even twitter users! I experimented and put together in Hong Kong meetup with only 2 or 3 days notice. Anyway, I am just experimenting still with different ways to bring groups of people together as I am traveling so frequently, in a short period of time. Its also fun to put faces to twitter names. And I don’t want to charge money to come in, as I don’t want it to look like I’m profiting from this or doing some kind of sales tactic. I think its all about being open, being social, being friendly. Though I am sure there are some people reading this thinking I have some kind of secret plan to profit from it. But really, its a long term investment I’m making in order to learn how to move groups together via twitter (with a sprinkle of facebook)

Since the Hong Kong meetup wasn’t as well organized, I decided to put together a powerpoint for it. And listening to twitter friends, seemed the most popular topic is social media. And asking location, few people suggested and agreed technohub would be a fun place to go.

I was kinda not sure where to put it, as Manila still confuses me…..Makati, Quezon City, and the volume of traffic. Also a weekday night, weekend? Just feeling it out with people earlier last week made it seem like this was the better place to do it. Actually I had never been over to technohub (and I can walk there)

@jerjerboi – promoting competitive intelligence via internet
@justinbreathes – promoting local pinoy musicians
met up beforehand – @mikemo_
and me – @michelini

Kinda wish more people would come….got a few last minute cancellations and bunch of no-shows…little bit dissappointed, but I am told this is common in the Philippines. People who did show up told me that maybe they didn’t believe me, that it was really going to happen. Or to meet people off the internet they don’t know. Its kinda funny, because so many Filipinos chat to me on twitter….seem excited to meet up and network. I had a lot of plans too. But anyway, yea I can understand traffic sucks….and it makes people just want to stay home.

Made a hour or so presentation, may be presenting it or a variation of, at Western Union corporate. You can download the powerpoint I made here – Winning in Social Media 2010 manila meetup which seemed to be enjoyed by those who came. Don’t take it personal, I will keep my chin up and keep on moving forward.

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  1. Hey Mikey! Good morning from southern California! how the heck are ya? saw on google buzz you went for a run. good glad to hear you are taking time for mike and taking care of mike, as opp to just business. keep on goin. sounds like an interesting presentation, if I was in the philipines, and had a free day, and used twitter, I probably wouldve been there. just a question/idea maybe do you think people didn’t show because of that last line in the twtvite: “Pay for your own bill!!!” man – i cant believe that line actually called for 3 exclamation points. do people assume that you will be buying them food and drinks at meetups?

    1. Author

      nice dude, up bright and early, its like 730am there (10:30pm here)

      yea, i took a run, but if you read later down, i was blowing my nose black soot! it was not so nice after….guess i’ll have to run indoors, or outside of the city of Manila (its all exhaust fumes man!)

      But yea, i think also people here are a little cautious to meetup people from the internet…..I put that so it didn’t get some misunderstanding that it was a sponsored free event… the Hong Kong event I flipped some bills there at the beginning and it was like that cuz maybe I organized it? I was just trying to avoid more misunderstandings with a large tab at the end!

      Anyway, even though it was only a few people, it was a couple core good people.

  2. I’m sure the more people do it – as you did here, the more they’ll get used to it. 🙂

    I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it (nor tell you! that was really bad!) and I know this didn’t go as you expected but I hope it won’t discourage you at all!

    I think if you keep asking people why they didn’t come and not tell you (instead of just ignoring and letting it pass), you’ll start changing people’s behaviors.

    Glad you’re spending time doing this and I want to thank you for contributing and sharing with us what you know and practice. 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks Peanut! Yea….i think its culture, but it seemed on twitter people were excited and not scared/shy/lazy. I guess i can come out and attack everyone who said they would come and didn’t show or contact me. but whatever…..

      I guess its also good for me to practice organizing my knowledge and presenting it….it was really outdated from 2009 anyway…and I’ll probably use it again soon

      hope we can meet again in the future, and if anything we have a connection now! thats what twitter is for, whether or not you meet in real life or not…

      1. We’ve already met in person so that’s a good start! 🙂

        1. Author

          sure, its cool to meet mroe people interested in twitter and social media…

          sure more people have facebook, but i’m more interested to meet SERIOUS people who want to figure out how to do it for business

          so great we did connect. did you check the PPT here? what do u think

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