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Arrived yesterday afternoon. Been an exhausting week, just so many developments in business…on top of traveling from Shenzhen, China to Dongguan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and then Manila Philippines…

But I am ready to rock next year in 2011! 2010 has been a crazy…exhausting year for me to get outside (I was pretty much 100% in China from 2008 – 2009) see what is going on in the world…network, learn, share…..

It feels nice and to be back in the Philippines….its almost a fake feeling from people because the locals are so overwhelmingly nice and friendly. I travel without an exact idea where I am going, asking strangers along the way. Sure sometimes I meet some who are rude and don’t want to / aren’t willing to help me, but so many go far out of their was to get me in the right direction.

And on twitter, I’ve been getting local tips on travel and methods of transportation. I’ve been here over 24 hours and still have not had to take one of those horrible taxis!

And colleagues in China and Hong Kong seem to think I’m coming down to Manila for a Christmas holiday! It is humorous in some way….I am being related to a Filipino overseas worker…in China or Hong Kong and taking my Christmas holiday in the Philippines.

Sure it will be nice to be in a Catholic country during the Christmas holiday, having spent the past 2 Christmas’s in China – and I’ll be blogging all about it – but I do have operations here for phone support of newyorkbarstore , content writers, and some social media campaigns I’m building. Really hope to develop on this while I’m here.

Took some funny pictures this Saturday afternoon, walking in the park with Marie, acting like a sorbetes ice cream street vendor.

But it is overall more relaxed of a feeling here in the Philippines then in the other places I am doing business – Hong Kong, South China, New York – and it is nice to get a day to walk around under the sun – IN DECEMBER and I’m in shorts and flip flops.

Friends in New York are probably frozen cold at this exact moment. I’m looking forward to a warm, and relaxing Christmas in the Philippines.

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  1. Welcome to the Philippines. Have a great time. =)

  2. does look nice and warm. im bundled up as i drive into work in san diego. gets warm around noon but the evenings and mornings get pretty chilly

    1. Author

      IT IS HOT!!

      i’m sweating here as i type this… shorts and tank top, barefoot (mikey style)

      electricity is REALLY expensive in Philippines (2nd after Japan)

      didn’t know it got that cold in SD

  3. Should’ve seen your blog before. I like what you are writing about and I like how you are so confident in saying that you’re comfortable in your stay in my country. Well, I’m not sure if you’re still here as of this writing but I just want to say I’m glad that you find the Philippines better than any other places you’ve visited. It is good to know that you are not deterred by the bad stuff that you hear in the news and you’re not ignorant as some foreigners are. Thanks for investing in Manila as well, that really helps our economy a lot. God bless people like you and I hope you succeed in your business. It would be nice to meet you in person too.

    1. Author

      hey Renan,

      thanks for the comment…yes Philippines people are very happy go lucky people and its got a lot of energy in the country for that!

      I should be in Manila in the end of April / beginning for May, and then Cebu afterwards, maybe we can meet up then.

      thanks for reading!

  4. I was researching about daily life in the phillipines and your blogs may not sound as accurate because i’ved lived there all my life. Your blogs are entertaining.

    1. hey Justine,

      these are just my honest experiences and findings along the way. Surely its different for everyone any specific feedback for me ? Love to hear your idea of the Philippines too

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