Successful Visit in Philippines- training, networking, + teambuilding

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Heading to airport in a bit – was a quick 2 week trip here in Manila, Philippines – but effective one. Its been back and forth between China and Philippines these past few months….pretty exhausting as well as adding up in travel expenses. But this trip was for the purpose of training new workers, investigating new office choices, and more networking and getting familiar with the area. Also considering logistics and warehousing in Philippines- but with import tax you have to place it in a free trade zone – and….costs are higher in a free trade zone rather than in a normal area or city… they tell me free trade zones are more for factories who buy foreign raw materials and assemble in Philippines.

Just still difficult, there isnt 1 person with all the answers, and different people give different answers…..trying to move fast enough, develop in a natural way…..not get myself into situations that are difficult to improve later…..just such a fine line of making the right decisons with limited information on a budget in a timely manner…..

All in all it was a productive trip, almost seems just keep things small and flexible until i am back from my 2 month usa trip. Hopre to make some developments and deals on the usa side that will also make it easier to move and make decisions here in philipppines

But the most important part is the training and teambuilding….seems to e a good team of people….hungry to learn and grow – and thinking long term with the growth of the company.

So as i am riding on this MRT train from metro manila to the airport…i feel motivated, and positive….sure and a bit anxious and somewhat nervous…but this is life and we have to take risks and go outside of our comfort zone to make a difference

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