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If you’ve been following my blog, you will see posts about my difficult experiences dealing with Bank of America as I’ve been overseas in China and Asia. Two of specific note include:

More Bank of America Fights – International Travel Issues

Thank You For Calling Bank of America

reputation management

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Now, originally when I posted about my issues, I didn’t expect to get such a strong effect in google. but I am ranking for many terms, such as Bank of America international travel, bank america international travel, bank of america online banking issues, and international phone number, the list goes on and on as I check my server log and traffic stats.

Here’s a specific example, out of 37 million pages, this blog is #4 for Bank of America international travel.

reputation management example

And the blog post that is there in Google is talking about ………..PROBLEMS I AM HAVING WITH BANK OF AMERICA………

Now, why doesn’t an internet marketing person at Bank of America contact me??? Its been there for a year at least now…Reputation management must be address by these large companies.

What is reputation management? Basically its MONITORING YOUR BRAND. With the internet being so open, and so many people going to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other web destinations – bloggers and people are there. Talking, discussing their customer experiences with businesses.

A good company MONITORS this. They RESPOND to what people are complaining about, or at the very least , address it and say its something that has to be this way for a certain reason – legal, policy, blah blah.

But, imagine for a minute – that on my blog, I receive a comment from a Bank of America marketing representatitive. They would address the issue I have been having, explain why it is the way it is, maybe even FIX IT. Or note it for their management meetings.

That is what is support to happen. And the companies that are most active on SOCIAL MEDIA and responding to the blog posts, twitter messages, and facebook chats – as well as ton of other websites – they will gain valuable connection to their customers and differentiate themselves from their competition.

I know….. BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, they don’t care about their customer, the customer has to put their money somewhere, has to get insurance. But I hope one day there is a disruptive new bank or insurance company that is more “online aware” and I see many internet people, bloggers, and younger generations will sign up

Lets see – maybe this latest post will get some attention at Bank of America. I want to test them, I have no problem putting a note at the end of those earlier blog entries saying I am impressed Bank of America contacted me about my issue and at least explained why its the way it is (government, security, legal, policy, etc) That would make my day.

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  1. Hello Michael,

    I am not from the reputation management, but from the IP office. I suggest you take out our brandname otherwise we will sue you.


    Steven Labrom

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