Is it really that great to win the lottery?

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Ya, sounds crazy right….but everyone must think how great it is to win the lottery, yet…have we considered the ramifications?

Here are some reasons i would consider it more:

If it were kept private – i think the feeling of winning the lottery must be one of the greatest in ones lifetime, but having it announced on the television has gotta suck….imagine all your friends out there who maybe you haven’t talked to in so long – contacting you for jobs, business opportunities, investments, the list goes on and on. And if you don’t take them up on their offer, they will curse you and never be your friend again.

Imagine the lawsuits – I worry about this too, I heard a story a bout guy in Southern USA, had a small business doing housing and construction – he won the lottery, and then all these companies and customers knew he had a lot of money ,found reasons in previous deals and contracts they had with him – sued him for all he had – and BANKRUPTED HIM.

MORE MONEY, MORE PROBLEMS – Its a rap song I remember from my younger days…but I also think its true to life.

Same with business…..I / people fight so hard to make a business – when you do make it, there will be a line of people there to try to get money out of you.

In another way, its a saying – be careful what you wish for…….everyone wants to be rich and famous, but then once you are famous – you hide from the cameras and lead a secret life – is that really worth it? You worked so hard for everyone to know you, once you are known, you don’t want people to see you. Strange.

People always want what they cannot have.

Maybe if I make money (one day…., still breaking even making ends meet) I will want more? Will it be enough – set a goal. Reach the goal, then what.

Maybe overtired today, but brainstorming…reflecting, and sharing.

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  1. whatever, i still want to win lottery. i can use this money to do more and more things what i want to do.enjoy life,help people or do sth crazy…

    1. Author

      sure, maybe if you win lottery, quickly donate it to a charity – so you can tell your friends you dont have it anymore


  2. I think the money you win is not for comsuming, eating or drinking.
    it shall be used to invest more, company or stock or other long terms stuff.
    then you can offer jobs, opportunities whatever you want to others, because all that are babies of the winning lettery

  3. Hi, Do you read the rich daddy & poor daddy?

  4. @kent Comment Reply Notification is just installed, test now

  5. Hi,
    Interesting article. I don’t think playing the lottery has to be stupid. This view leaves out the value we get from the benefit of anticipation, which can be real pleasure as well. The question is: is the value of anticipation greater than the “cost of disappointment” (from not winning) and the “value of money to play in lottery” combined? I recently had a more detailed look at it: Are lottery players stupid?
    and tell me what you think!
    Thanks, Nick

    1. Author

      Thanks Nick,

      It makes me think of the saying:

      “its better to have tried and lost, then to have never tried at all”

      I think a small amount of gambliing and betting is healthy….its human nature and as long as a person doesn’t overdue it, they will be fine in the long term

  6. Author

    haha kent ,be cause you put so much spam on this commment i lose it.

    i never read the book “rich dad, poor dad” …many of my friends on wall street say its great

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