A blog – what you can and cannot say?

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Feel a bit back to corporate world. What is a person allowed to say online? In an internet company, I think it is funny to show photos of people sleeping at the office (because they are working late that night), cute toys someone has, or jokes within a company.

Doing these FUN things in a company environment:

  • That builds a community within a company.
  • It brings people closer in the company
  • It shows the outside world that there are REAL people behind the company.

    With facebook, twitter, and other online social media outlets – there will be lots of employees, owners, executives, investors, and others reading these mediums. Should we be concerned if something “unprofessional” is posted there? Should we holdback then, on what we can say in these networks?


    Because if we have to holdback, then we are not real. And today’s internet is about FACE, about being a person, about being real. We have to work hard to build a funny, trustful atmosphere within a company.

    CEO means representing 3 things

  • C Customers – the heart of any company is the customer. And your company should be tailored for your target customer, are you aiming for what age, what professional background, what culture? Knowing your target customer will define what type of brand you should aim for.
  • E Employees – Having motivated staff, and a staff that works well together is critical for every company, especially startup companies. Knowing the company culture and feel will allow you to hire and maintain quality staff in the environment you are looking to fill.
  • O Owners – Or investors, these are the people paying the bills, taking the risk in the company that will benefit most if it succeeds, and lose their investment if it fails. But they also need to be confident in the executives and managers of the company. And if they are clear on the company culture, one that may say jokes online and put funny photos on there – they will be happy that it is happening and the word of the company on the street is a fun and creative place to work, and be customers of.

    So that is what one must consider when they think what a company blog should be about. Should it be geared to the investor, to the customer, to the employees – or all? If all are in sync, then it should not be a problem with what is being said on these social media outlets.

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    1. Right, the funny atmophere creat effective works.

      Before I used to share some funny things/photes/story to colleages and customers via mail, vice versa, and we work very well. However seldom forward to manager/boss. there are boundary. orelse, boss will think you’re wasting time…..

    2. Author

      @Danial Lee

      (doing this @ because it should send an email to the commenter…)
      hey Daniel,

      thanks again for your following my blog and commenting. Like you have said in other posts, the internet is exploding these days ,and everyone has a voice.

      A smart boss would support their staff in posting, getting a following, and a voice on the internet. They can then promote the company products or services, no?

      Yes, its still early stages, and the idea has yet to go into the corporate world.

      But I have a feeling more and more personal and business will combine, and the successful businesses willl adapt quickly and embrace it

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