networking….networking…and more networking

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you’ve heard it all your life, and its soo true….and the value is not just having a network, but having a network that is aware of what you’re doing, and that would recommend you to someone they know…

I feel like i’ve been jumping from vine to vine lately – like tarzan of the jungle in the networking world…meet one person, chat, get some ideas, he/she tells me about someone else they know doing this or that and we should talk, and it goes on and on…but I love meeting people, love interacting, learning new things, and I truly believe that has to be the key motivator for being a small business owner / entreprenuer…not for the love of money.

I am not driven by money…even less so now that I’ve quit my day job – I feel like I can stomach even bigger risks…both in stock markets, in business deals, and overall in life – because its my time to shine, today – not tomorrow – now or never.

And I feel like I’ve been less tolerant of bullshit – I was always against putting up with bullshit, but now that I have to fight to get food on my plate….I’m getting a keener eye for people that are all talk and those that got something to put behind it.

and I wonder how other people are so inefficienct, and I wonder where in my lifetime there was this drastic change….I believe it was somewhere during high school – and I remember getting caught up in this drama where it was he-said-she-said and it just pulled you down this never ending spiral….problems pile into other problems – I just got so sick of even hearing about it, never mind being tied up in it – I started thinking big….and stop sweating the small stuff!

ok, enough of the motivational rants for today!

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