how does everything get done?

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Walking around NYC a lot lately…you seen tons of work getting done…garbage pickup, sewage cleanup, traffic duty, construction….

boggles my mind that all of this works…that people come to their job, do their duty, and are happy with their paycheck every 2 weeks….

guess that is what we are all programmed to do – out of work? get a job, any job, first job that will take you.

But when you think about it – that yearly salary, yearly earnings you make, imagine one deal that you could close, one more cash flow you could build. and then multiply that out….maybe its the risk tolerance? the fact that you need to be busy all day every day to feel like an honest days work was put in?

Just reflecting on seeing all this work getting done, and work that would not be desirable by many to actually be done…yet that person does it for the wages they agreed to

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