Disco Club 迈理倪 (Mai Li Ni)

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haha, so the tech guy came the other day for my newest request-….another set of subwoofers and speakers to wire into another room…

now I have subwoofers in both the office other main room….its bumpin’ in here right now!!!

so imagine this…have a space heater on me now at my desk…freeezing here in South china right now…but blasting deep bass techno music drinking TSING TSAO beers at the dual screen command center while the tech guy and my assistant Melissa are installing my old laptop into 100% chinese version at the mini desk next to me….

i am asking him to get me strobe lights and a disco ball and he’s laughing…best part is Melissa has to translate this to him as he doenst speak english….and I’m here making bass gestures and strobe light images with my hands flashing open and close fist….

So when I open my nightclub someday….may turn out to be 迈理倪 (MAI LI NI) – my Chinese name as Mike Lee wouldn’t work as its against the rules. So my chinese name is purely my last name…only 3 characters max in a name here.

edit 3/25/08 – website is live! Disco…coming soon www.mailini.com

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  1. In my opinion,many assistants that named melissa or molisa in china

    1. Author

      haha, so many Melissa’s – actually she used to spell her name Mellisa – but I had to correct her after I got to know her.

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