Planning Much Overdue USA trip: Jan 17 to Feb 19, 2014

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Haven’t been to America since 2012 (went 2 times, once in Aug 2012 for sister’s wedding, and May 2012 for Startup Weekend Seattle / west coast) and 2011 that I was in the east coast of USA!

So seems all of this year, 2013, I won’t have been to America once…not the first full year overseas, but still something worth noting in my mind and sharing. Maybe extending these more and more.

Another thing to note, is this time I won’t be traveling alone (normally I always travel alone) – Wangxia (Wendy) will come with me from China as well – her first time to America.

As I do many times, here is my agenda so far, and I will use this blog post to further detail and outline my trip.

I booked the trip from Jan 17 to Feb 19 – its a month which may seem like a long time, but time always goes so fast. Also Chinese New Years holiday is in the middle, making sure to book enough time before and after the holiday to avoid the holiday rush. And as far as which cities – I always try to do these 3 points – (1) LA / San Francsicso, (2) New York / Connecticut / New Jersey, (3) Florida. Here is the outline.

San Francisco (SFO)
ARRIVE: Jan 17, Fri, 09:30am

  • Meet startup friends, networking.
  • Meet Social Agent users.

    New York City / Hoboken, NJ / Connecticut
    Domestic flight not yet booked

  • Meet hometown / college / Wall street friends
  • Meet Social Agent users

    Domestic flight not yet booked

  • Spend time with family
  • Corporate stuff with my USA company, taxes, accounting

    San Francisco (SFO)
    DEPART: Feb 19, Wed 11:25am

    Update December 2013

    Here is a basic map of cities I am looking to visit:

    San Francisco
    Salt Lake City
    Bad Lands National Park
    Niagara Falls
    New York
    Washington, DC
    Savannah, GA
    Port St Lucie, FL
    New Orleans, LA
    overnight between NO + LAS
    Las Vegas, NV

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