In New York Chinatown For a Chinese + Filipino Wedding!

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Back in america for 3 days and my friend Sarah thought it would be funny to have me go to a wedding where theres a chinese guy marrying a filipino girl – as those are the 2 places im frequenting these years….
The wedding took place in chinatown, obviously…and it had been my first time down in chinatown since back in new york. It was actually really cool….i looked into the chinatown bus network for future trips to washington dc and virginia. I talked to the chinatown cell phone shops…complaining about the american cell phone networks and comparing it to the chinese and other international networks.
The people in chinatown knew what i knew, experienced what i had experienced, the travel, the currency conversion, the mobile networks….think i have to leverage that more….i have some new contacts in chinatown just a hour or so before the wedding reception.

In the wedding reception, it was a diverse group….age, culture, backgrounds…..all “fusion” couples….white, black, chinese, filipino, wild……

It felt more chinese then filipino – the food and the setting was chinese, but there was dancing!! And filipinos love to freaking dance, it was dancing from beginning to end

I tried my chinese language skills ordering drinks, but man…..the waiters weren’t amused…..just wanted me to speak english….i said some pretty funny chinese slang too…but anyway, they werent happy or amused….

Later at the wedding they had the filipino dancing……i dont remember this at all in the philippines……i took a bunch of photos and have some here – i felt it was more Hawaiian the filipino…..but nevertheless it was awesome!!

At the dinner table i shared with the people the places i had been in china and the philippines….and i had been to more places then even those who were born there! One girl was born in subic bay, philippines but moved to america when she was young….doesnt remember much and said she would never eat the balut or other crazy filipino dishes i was describing!! But i told her that is her home country food and she has to enjoy it…..hahahahahaha

It was a really great time for me…..connecting my experiences in all three countries i am involved with – china, usa, and philippines….and life is making more sense….i am seeing the value i am carrying more…as a culture connector…so cool!

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  1. i felt it was more Hawaiian the filipino–haha,,yes,from their dress,,i also think it is Hawaiian style.

  2. wedding that was go conparison to china
    america changes ways of all that come here
    good you seeing how they live in NY in 2010

  3. i was told that there are actually many chinese people in philippines. it’s no wonder you feel so much chinese i guess. but it struck me with curiosity that the bridegroom seems rather old and there is only one parent sitting on the chair, both of which are not very chinese.
    and glad someone agree with me about the food problem i talked with you before. and i think it’s so funny that the waitress prefer you to use english. you know a few days ago one of my cantonese friends visted hk and the salesgirl preferred him to use mandarin rather than cantonese. so don’t get fustrated. you are not alone, ha!

    1. Author

      Thanks nigel….american culture seems to alter the exact hometown country culture….probably to cater to the american guests and just not as easy to get the full cultural festivities

      Hope u can come to travel nigel
      Keep working hard in school

      1. yeah,i really wish to, too! and that’s why i am working on the toefl test so hard…

        one question, Mike, do you guys find youself confronting words you’ve never seen before? the vocabullary is simply killing me as i can’t see why these letters mean this…

        1. Author

          great Nigel, please just stay focused and keep working hard.

          in english language, yes I agree, there are a lot of STUPID words that don’t make any sense…..just have to memorize….

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  5. Hi Mike! Thanks for coming to our wedding! Will post your blog on my facebook page!

    To clarify the dancing at the event–It was Hula and Tahitian. This is the dance company I belong to, and the connection goes back to Hawaii as we have some long lost relatives who settled there and that Sarah Z’s mom used to dance when she was my age.

    1. Author

      GREAT WEDDING, and an honor for you to comment here – haha, wow, add me on facebook!!!! thanks for clarifying – it was fun and I thought to myself “I never saw this in the Philippines”

      does Sarah Z dance like this too?!?! so sexy haha

  6. The reason why there was Hawaiian dancing was because Arlene is a part of that dance troupe that performed at the dinner. It wasn’t a cultural event but rather something cool that her friends did for her.

  7. Hi Michael, this is June, sister of the bride and sarah’s half-aunt. It was Hawaiian and Tahitian dancing. Arlene used to dance for a group and this was their tribute to her. Hehe I’m glad u had fun. It was an experience for me as well

    1. Author

      Yes June, it was a FUN wedding, a fusion of cultures and a good time. hope we can all hang out again

  8. I just wasn’t clear on it, and Sarah didnt tell me!

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