Phuket Mastermind (On the fly) to Start Networking Again

Phuket Mastermind (On the fly) to Start Networking Again

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Just go with the flow sometimes. After a lot of networking in e-commerce in Thailand, got connected with Kyle an Amazon seller based in Bangkok. Connected while he was visiting Chiang Mai and mentioned how he’d just love to get a few of us together for a few days to share ideas and get to know each other. He’s careful to call it a formal mastermind – but heck – I’m calling it that.

So Kyle booked a villa in Phuket and 6 of us are coming. I’ve invited a few, and he invited a few – and we are gonna build some relationships.

What I noticed when speaking with Kyle in a cafe here in Chiang Mai – man, we are all still recovering from the crazy covid-19 days. It just is still in the “system” and we want to get past it and just move on.

Hoping this Phuket mastermind is a good chance to make some new friends, learn some new strategies, and go past this horrible coronavirus chapter that took up multiple years in 2020’s here in Asia.

Writeup In the Midst of the Phuket “mastermind”

Had an intense couple days already – lot of learning, sharing, and bonding. Glad to make some new connections and share on a deeper level.

Like Kyle and I had said when we met up in Chiang Mai – it is a post-covid world and I think new relationships need to be forged. Plan to keep in touch with these six others, mainly based in Bangkok – looking forward to having them at the Cross Border Summit as well.

Just all part of this massive transformation that is underway in my life and career. But if we are not growing, then we are dying.

New world, new relationships, new business. Never would have expected Jan/March 2020 til now would be such a fundamental change in everything.

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