I have a fan!

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On my quick and under the radar trip to Shenzhen, China (I”m not actively promoting my travel and updates on social media so much, only a bit for anyone who happens to read this blog) – I bumped Robert. 

We chatted for a few minutes, and he snapped a selfie. World travelers, we discussed quickly friends around the globe, and then parted ways.

Robert Halasz
August 21 ·
What a random encounter with Michael Michelini in Shenzhen! Blogging from all over Asia since years already

He shared it on his social media – and then a really heartfelt comment came (to me at least) – a fan! He called himself a fan of mine. Wow, first time to say I have a fan. 

Moving on up in the blogosphere. 

Probably more a fan of the Global From Asia stuff-  here at Mike’s blog you get to read random spatterings of my life and travel – less relevant and valuable.

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