Join Us For the EXW Conference on Amazon FBA & E-Commerce Selling

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I am very excited and happy to announce that I will be a speaker at the EXW Conference.

The EXW Conference is an annual online conference that takes place this coming September 5, 2021. Attending the conference is an opportunity to learn from the very best brand owners, sellers, and marketers.

Here, you can learn about the tools and best practices that will help you bring your business to the very next level. Whether you have been running a business for quite some time or are looking to start one, this is an unmissable opportunity to learn what it takes to succeed with Amazon FBA and E-Commerce Selling.

The whole conference is held online with the talks streamed directly to your device. You can participate and join from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the various talks, network with important people, and ask important questions from our experienced speakers.

5 SEPTEMBER 2021 | 2021年 9月 5日

Speakers and Topics

Here’s the amazing lineup of speakers:

Check out the various topics and see which ones may benefit you the most:

    • 10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started My Amazon PL Business
    • How to Use Data to Find the Right Product to Sell on Amazon’s Global Marketplaces
    • Importance of Localized Listing, Translations and Keywords Optimization
    • Advanced Review Strategies Using ManyChat
    • Increasing Your Sales with Crypto Payments
    • Grow Global, Go Local Latin America
    • More eCommerce Opportunities in USA (that is NOT Amazon)
    • Internal + External Traffic: How to Find the Best CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)?
    • South-East Asia eCommerce Opportunity
    • Leveraging Your Skills to Grow Your Brand, Use Software for the Rest
    • Difference Between Brick & Mortar Businesses and Amazon Business
    • Hidden in Plain Sight: Finding Consumer Demand on Amazon’s Homepage
    • How to Use TikTok to Boost Your Amazon / Ecommerce Product Sales

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We hope to see you at the EXW Conference 2021!

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