Photos From Li Jia, Visit to Dongguan Factory City

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A couple weeks a photo journalist, Li Jia, came to the Dongguan Fiveislands ecommerce warehouse, but also other factories in the business network here in Chang An. Her main project was to interview and photograph the lives of factory women and their love life.

I’ll save that blog post for once she gets me those photos, but in the meantime, I walked with her around the factory city and she took some awesome pictures with her 5dmkII camera that I’m posting here. Actually the photograph with my hairwash and waiting on the bench for a wash inspired my post 9 ways I’ve become more patient in China – as Li Jia was beside me laughing as she could see my holding in my anger….

We walked through a Chinese wet market (meat, vegetables under some massive roof structure, semi outdoors), and there are live chickens for sale – I think 100rmb each, and these chickens are jumping around pecking away….I tried to get as close as I could for the photo, it freaked me out!

Getting these photos today really made my day I uploaded them to facebook too and got some great feedback, so felt it deserver its own blog post. Trip to a barber, and a chicken / wet market in China.

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  1. those photos are fantastic. especially the first one. she is a talented photographer – great light capture – i wish i knew how to do that

    1. Author

      hey man. havent heard from ya in a while thx for the comment. yea i put the first one ad the blog thumbnail cuz it was awesome , its a full story in just one pic

  2. ha hairwash!a way can’t be changed

    1. Author

      sometimes we lay down for hairwash right….but this time i was sitting up….not patient enough to wait at the other place

  3. awwww,maybe cuz you has short hair..
    but photos are so good!

  4. nice hair cut
    and wash
    good pictures

  5. do you click on happiness in persuit
    to get to next post ???????????
    you are writer

  6. Factory girls and their love life! Sounds like a book worth reading :-). Sweet pics – I’ve nothing useful to contribute I’m just posting my first comment via a handheld device 😀

    1. Author

      haha, and i am making a useless reply from my mobile tablet via hong kong trade show. aint technology grand?

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