Making Moves – That Thing I Wanted To Share

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Making Moves – That Thing I Wanted To Share

Keeping it real here, as always

(Even  when many say not to)

For the family
For happiness
For fulfillment
For legacy

Mike’s Blog 182

So it’s been something in our minds since after the Cross Border Summit at the end of April. Especially now that we are doing next year’s Cross Border Summit on the other side of the world (literally – in Colombia March 18 – 22, 2019) – we are truly going cross border and global.

But it is more than that. Wendy and I have had some long discussions about the future. Maggie is preparing to go to school in the fall, and we are watching closely how Miles is doing in his school. And basically, we are looking for options.

Combined with the rising cost of our rent (should have bought, doh!)

And on top of that – Global From Asia is completely done online – we have an amazing team working with us remotely – no full time employees in a fixed office. And while we will still do business in China, Wendy is a super star and she can communicate and work with our partners (we have a wide network of other alliances who are on the ground)

So these 3 things have made us say, think, consider, to start to look at other options.

Basically, looking to relocate to South East Asia. Most likely Thailand, most likely Chiang Mai.

Maybe Thailand, it seems like our top choice. Wendy is getting deep into meditation and Buddhism, there is a big digital nomad community there, and cost of living is amazing.

I know what you’re thinking. I am leaving China.

I still will come back to China. Thailand is like living in Shanghai or Beijing as far as flight time to Hong Kong or Shenzhen.

It’s just business. I can come alone while the family is hanging out in the “suburbs” of Thailand. We’re looking at Chiang Mai.

Working online more and more. I have been working extremely hard to build online systems, online teams – and the team is working well together and happy.

So here’s the idea – live in Thailand or other place, Get a big house, with a backyard (USA style), that is as close as possible to the school we pick. I work at home – with a nice big home office and a view, Wendy has her meditation, Buddhism, and GFA China business development office room next door. Thinking about inviting GFAVIP members over for retreats and other special events every few months or so.

But basically run things online, and “chill” in a big temple-style house in Thailand.

Plan trips to Hong Kong and China maybe once a month or so. Arrange meetings, record content, do podcast interviews, Cross Border Matchmaker event, trade shows, networking events – the same as now.

Just a couple hour flight and will plan more in advance. To be honest, I am not networking like I used to – I’m trying to spend as much time as I can with my kids, and making a move like this will allow me to do that (force me to!)

So now it is your turn! I’d love to have you guys give your input ideas and suggestions. Wendy and I are taking a trip to visit Thailand and some other countries at the end of July – here’s the agenda:

Philippines – July 11-16 (Manila and Cebu)
Thailand –  July 17 – 24
Malaysia –  July 25 – July 30
Nepal –  July 31 – Aug 7

These are other places we are considering as well. But we are about 90% set on Thailand from our school research and talking to others. But it will help us to sleep better at night knowing we took other options into consideration as well.

And to make sure I add this / address this – you may be asking – what about USA? Yes, sure, I’m a US citizen and I can take my family back. Many of my friends do. But for me, Asia is where I see myself. Sure, this may be selfish maybe my kids would be better off in America you’d say. But I see Southeast Asia as a great balance of being able to get to China, Hong Kong, and other places – I also am doing a blog I love – Global From Asia – and want to make even more content about other parts of Asia. This is why I am so happy I called it Global From Asia and not Global From China.

Over and out – back to school research!

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