The Next Week of the Wendy and Mike Relocation Exploration

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What is next on the agenda – we have almost completed the first country on our 4 country journey – Philippines. Went through Manila and Cebu – met our team, hosted a couple full day training workshops, and will be doing some school visits before heading to the next place – Thailand.

Tuesday early morning flight from Manila to Chiang Mai. We have to head from Cebu to Manila on Monday night (separate tickets) and arrive at about 7pm local time, with a 7am departure flight on Tuesday morning. So still need to find an airport hotel to just crash out for a few hours and move on to the next place.

In Chiang Mai mostly have school visits booked. Talking to my friend Chris Gormley’s local friend there about renting her house, hope to be able to stay there in a couple days (yes, need to confirm ASAP).

No other plans in Chiang Mai except school visits. Well, I do have quite a bit of contacts in this digital nomad hub, so hope to catch up with as many as possible while in town. Will be there Tuesday until Monday so have time (I hope) – but main priority is the school visits.

In Kuala Lumpur, Kim Leitzes from ParkLU connected me to her friend who is a mommy blogger and moved from Hong Kong to KL a couple years ago, Rebecca. Hope to catch up with her there. Also need to find a hotel / airbnb still, but hope it isn’t a problem. Also have some friends who lived in China for some time – Henry and Rachel, and hope to meet them as well. One part of the puzzle is my wife’s mediation camp location – we need to figure it out and how far it is from the city.

Nepal, really have no plans – check out the monk center and see if there really are education options for our kids like I have been told (I’m trying to keep an open mind).

But for right now – here is a checklist of stuff I need to get done:

Visit schools in Cebu
Get an airport hotel in Manila Monday night
Find a place to stay in Chiang Mai (or confirm my local friend’s home)
Find a place to stay in KL (or confirm how far Wendy’s meditation bootcamp is and see where that is in relation to civilization)
Find a place to stay in Nepal

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