My Chinese Sister is Coming to America

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It’ been a lot of preparing for the USA trip in Feb. The China business Workshop is shaping up well in Miami. Andy Church from will be also sharing his experiences there too. We have been so excited here.

My sister in law Nancy- just got her USA visa. Booked the same flight as us and will be headed over. She speaks like 0 English, and this will be interesting. She does real estate sales in China, and is hoping to find some business co-operations to help sell USA housing.

She wants to travel around USA – who wants to help?

This is going to be an interesting trip! Will have her, my wife, 2 kids, my parents. Doing workshops, trips to Colombia. Networking.

Still a lot of planning to do. Let’s push it to the next level and make it happen.

Hope to catch you at Feb 8-9, 2018 in Miami, Florida – we have Andy Church now joining as well and a ton of valuable experience about China business. My wife and her sister too – native Chinese with expertise in Sales and Social media marketing. It will be a very hands on day and a half workshop where you will get real time advice and help for your China business expansion.

My sister in law (Nancy is her English name by the way) also is an experienced Chinese real estate sales agent – who will be at the China business workshop – so a great time to learn about the Chinese real estate buyers. She is also interested to find USA properties to sell. Good chance for those in the American real estate market to come and see what is going on with Chinese real estate buyers.

Already we have talked to property agents in Atlanta and Orlando about visiting while in town. The big question  / barrier is my sister speaks ZERO English. And we are trying to figure out what her investor clients are specifically looking for, the size of the investment, the ROI expected, does it need a good school zone, etc.

I’m already nervous I don’t have enough time in America. I’ll be going to Colombia as well Feb 14-17 as we’re expanding there too. With the wife, kids, and a sister in law who speaks no English – traveling will not be that easy.

Any tips for me? Is there a family tour guide service for people in my situation?!

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