Will Living in Thailand Make You Lazy?

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The hustle and bustle – does it drive you?

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On the second city of our four city Southeast Asia tour and Wendy and I are considering every stop.

After Manila, we had some chats with other internet business owners and they gave some input about moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand, that many who go there get too complacent with the lower cost of living and just accept the lower financial requirements and hit a plateau. That’s because they can live so cheap, they stop working so hard and just get enough to “get by”.

I do understand this mindset – but I can see that happening anywhere. I had a friend tell me I should also move out of Shenzhen and into hong Kong to get the higher cost of living so that I would put more pressure on me to make things happen. Then I would see some of those people giving me that advise later ending up doing something that didn’t seem like their original plan because they needed to “just get by”.

I think it is more about the person then the location. Sure – if everyone around you is lazy and complacent, it isn’t too motivating. But if you have the self discipline to push yourself, to measure your own progress in business and life, then the location and environment shouldn’t matter as much.

My plan is to spend as much time with my kids when I’m not working my butt off. I’m not looking to engage with offline too much, I plan to just continue my grind of online marketing and content creation wherever I end up.

Though, I have to admit, if it was my younger years, that idea of getting complacent and lazy due to  your lower cost of living – I would say that I would fall into that trap. But like many in my network, I want to be dropped in any place on the planet and be able to get my work done and push myself because I am doing what I am doing and enjoying it.

How about you? Does your environment affect your productivity and drive to succeed?

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