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I could reflect on 2011, but instead of talking about the past, I’ll talk about the future. 2011 was my transition BACK to China fulltime… doing consulting between Hong Kong, Dongguan, and Shenzhen…. going to the coworking space in mid-year and then the last couple months back to ecommerce consulting and representing a Chinese ecommerce association to the west.

Many of my friends, staff, and business associates ask me what’s my plan for 2012. This is what I have outlined.

  • Continue to focus on bridging China to USA.
  • Training seminars in Shenzhen and hopefully throughout China.
  • Consulting for Chinese companies going to USA
  • Trying to get more Americans to China
  • Market foreign trade ecommerce association “Hero Meets Hero” to USA, getting members + sponsors
  • Finally get loadpipe off the ground, and connect USA agents to Chinese manufacturers.
  • Accept the fact that I am not a manager, and have good people to manage certain projects and teams. Build better teams!

As for a basic outline / calendar of 2012:

  • Jan 2012 – outline SEO/SNS training program in China. Testing it out this coming Saturday Jan 7, 2012.Firm up some ecommerce consulting projects, interviews – VIDEO / podcast is way past due!

    Develop (the English version of Chinese foreign trade federation)

    Go to Guangzhou for Chinese New Years, meet my good friend Gao Xing who is currently based in Beijing but his hometown is Guangzhou. He is the one who gave me my chinese name 迈理倪 (Mai Li Ni) and I have known since 1999 where we met in Stevens Tech.

  • Feb 2012 – Chinese New Year endsSocial Media week in Hong Kong

    Hopefully more developed plan for marketing HeroMeetsHero Chinese Foreign Trade Federation, as well as SEO / SNS training.

  • Mar 2012 – Xiamen SEO conference – hope to bring 20 – 30 Americans/ Europeans to China to go to the event (will use domain – coming soon)Launch beta of Load Pipe platform for connecting USA sales agents to Chinese manufacturers.

    Have at least a couple more Americans here working in China on projects with me.

  • Apr 2012 – Shenzhen startup weekend (possibly a mega event) Hoping to take a trip to Shanghai as well, visit XinDanWei coworking, as well as meet Caidy and the others from Shanghai startup weekend.
  • May 2012 – Guangzhou startup weekend, the city has been really pushing for it.
  • June 2012 – Hopefully take a trip to Bali, Indonesia and check out what my buddies at are doing with Marshall, Chris, James, and more of the Shenzhen crew.
  • July 2012 – leaving this open to suggestions. Maybe Beijing, it will be warm there in the summertime, and want to meet the startup and ecommerce connections I have.
  • Aug 2012 – possibly go to Las Vegas, USA “Made in China” expo
  • Sept 2012 – Shenzhen startup weekend
  • Oct 2012 – Guangzhou startup weekend
  • Nov 2012 – more ecommerce meetings, hope to have Loadpipe in full swing
  • Dec 2012 – Hero Meets Hero major annual meeting.I hope to spend Christmas in Philippines, see my godaughter Charlotte and her parents Tess + Bas

Feels good to be open about my plans, seems when I post my schedule – others can align with me and make even bigger things happen.

Think bigger, don’t let others say its not possible!

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  1. Sweet!!! 😀 Looking forward to catching up soon Mike.

  2. great way to pan 2012
    see you in vegas hope
    training seminars that is the way to go

  3. Happy new year USA
    about 6 hourrs 2911

  4. Hey Mike! Great Outline! See you soon.

  5. Nice outline.See you in Vegas or China in Sept~Oct. Need more crew for the next Hangover. Last was The Villa. Next is what, The Mansion?

    1. “The mansion” – nice! Vegas is still very basic concept/ idea at this point…. my main focus this year is china .

      cool to see you blogging man!

      Michael Michelini
      eCommerce Consultant

  6. Awesome! I like this especially:

    “Accept the fact that I am not a manager”

    It sounds like a lot of stuff fell behind when you lost your team in SZ before. I have days/weeks when I can’t reply to simple emails for some brain frozen reason or another. Having virtual personal assistants covers those gaps and allows me to sometimes be creative, do the thinking, spark it off and let someone else follow through.

    Now, with you and Attila making these posts, I feel compelled to digitally snowball the idea into my mouth, err….

    1. I’m gonna ignore the last part of this comment …. Haha

      But its really cool that we are all blogging now… My virtual friends
      But yes….closing the Shenzhen office back in early 2010 was rough for me….still recovering

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