I think I’m happy!

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Can’t sleep….the usual lately…my brain is working overtime….I’m physically exhausted, but just can’t stop thinking about international business….I love every minute of it.

Sure, I get completely stressed out at certain moments, situations where I seem to be at the mercy of the luck – but it pans out. Spread my bets out, don’t get in too deep with one specific product or project. Weird how I keep looking back to financial markets to parallel business decisions. Diversify. But then there’s that focus problem.

Focus. My whole life i’ve been told I need to focus. “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I STILL DON’T KNOW! I love what I’m doing now – and hell, what is it that I do? Talk new deals, new products, new brands. Pitch a new product I found at a trade show to a friend (client, same thing hah!). Work out a new logistical shipping area. Send a draft for a business alliance. Work a commission agreement.

they say find what you like to do and make it your job. Or is it, live your job? But I stayed in a scummy hostel in downtown Hong Kong last night, chatted with middle eastern guys with british accents and haggled fake Rolexes down just for fun. This is what I call living.

Money. Definitely don’t think it rules my life. I have made some decisions where I gave up money, for the long term. Still hasn’t panned out, but I love wearing whatever I want to wear, not needing to impress someone by showing off nice clothes, expensive cars, who the hell cares! Results Driven. And experience is worth more than money. I refuse people’s money sometimes, and it makes me feel good!

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