As Chinese New Years Approaches – Danger Lingers

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As the lunar calendar draws to a close, so many more unfortunate Chinese people are desparate to return to their hometowns. They did not earn enough money the previous year, or save enough, to make it home to see their family and loved ones…..

So, some push too hard, they do whatever it takes to make that bit of cash to pay for the train to their hometown. The police and management offices of buildings warn people to take extra care of locking their doors and securing their valuables. I hear stories of people who get their homes robbed these weeks before the new years, desperate thieves trying to make that money to get where they need to go…..

I wish I could pay for everyone to go to see their family and loved ones. I feel I am too kind, too soft.

But, unfortunately for them (and for me) I am not rich. I cannot take care of everyone around me. I first have to earn a strong enough business and cashflow, that I can then budget this “extra” cash to throw around and save others around me.

Its rather sad, do people have to change to survive, to thrive? Can I remain the kind, gentle, take care of everyone person I try to be, or throw it out the window to make it to the next level.

Changes….changes… to move forward. New Years do this, milestones in business, in life.

If it how a boss has to be? Separate friends and business. change your “hat” As well as in different cultures. But that means to me, that you’re changing who you are in different places. Do I have to have some sort of split personality? Put on an act. Tell someone, hey, this is business.

Anyway, I wish everyone here in China can go to see their family during this special holiday. I wish I could be someone to help them get there. Maybe not this year, but one year….

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  1. very good writing
    hope everyone gets to see family
    it is nice to know how people
    enjoy their holiday
    you are a window to the world

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