Moving Out of Shenzhen – Next Chapter of My Life

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I was hesitating blogging this!!! But at least office-wise, I am out of Shenzhen……i will still be stopping by now and again for meetings and friends. Took a photo last night here, I had a “nong min gong” (farmer who comes to the city to make better money….the hardest working people!) help me move my office things out of the office. I have a smaller office in tiley building so i will store things there. I rented out my office with equipment and all, hope it goes smoothly.

This is going to be a other chapter of my life. Utilizing partners and managers in various cities around the world to get daily things done…

Is this failure? I don’t classify it as such, then again I dont think anyone actually FAILS in life, its about learning to adapt, learning what you are good at, what you like to do, and for me, that is not working in a fixed office. Especially with the movement in today’s world to digital. There are so many online tools and hardware to help us work as if we were right there.

I have to reset my thinking. Think bigger, think longer term. I just passed moving back to usa and taking a CEO job at a multimillion dollar sales company. ….i have to think what i want in life.

Am i that different from the rest? Im 29 years old, maybe its because im approaching 30!?
Maybe others dont think like me, they are in the daily work/live mindset……and just go about working. ACCEPTING the life that is given to them. I WILL NOT SETTLE.

I am going to USA for 2 months – Sept to Nov – I have to rely on managers and partner offices in China while I’m away. And I realize, life is not about OWNING and CONTROLLING people. Sure, you can hire someone. But can you force them to stay? Its better to let people run things their way, have the steering wheel. I am testing this out with different alliances in China and small operations in Philippines.

Keep on Truckin’ – just another chapter of my life – trying to be an independent specialist between USA and China.

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  1. wow, all the best my dear! hope to c u b4 i go or, mayb i’ll c u in the uk~ 😉 x

  2. Good luck man, whenever you do get back let me know we can sit down for a drink or 10!

  3. Author

    i’m still in Shenzhen until the 15th guys!!!! maybe hong kong this weekend? dunno….i do have to fight HSBC about some things…

  4. hey ,Mike,,where are you moving to? You said you are searching for appartment,,i thought you will still live in shenzhen. Do we still have the chance to meet?
    Good luck!

    1. Author

      hi Jane,

      maybe this weekend? I think I will be back to Shenzhen in august or september for a week or so

      I’m writing a new blog now with my outline for the next 4 months.

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  6. hey Mike, we will be happy to meet with you before you go, so just let me know when will you be free! You must be very busy now, I don’t want to disturb you too much!

    Good night good teacher^^

    1. Author

      hmmm, maybe have a “going away” party this weekend? mmmmm but where… thre enough time – maybe in shekou or coco park?

  7. Mike,i totally agree,,a farewell party,hahah,,then you can meet all the friends at the same time,,I am sure there are many people who want to see you before you go! And i am sure you are soooooo busy at the moment…..
    Just a suggestion^^ If you do want to have one, let me know what i can help.

    shekou might be better,,i know there is a resteraunt called Tasca, (Shop No 3, in Back of the Taizi Hotel, Taizi Road, Seaworld, Shekou
    Phone: 0755 26698564)

    behind it there is a big yard,,so people can sit there and chat.

    Anyway,just suggestion,,,,hihihihihih

    1. Author

      its not really farewell, i’ll be back soon enough, maybe in august for a few days.

      not enough time to plan, already thursday!

  8. yes,that is ok, too late.
    hope you keep bloging your Phillipine adventure! ^^

  9. viva’s totally not for summer so shekou’s better. v bar, the terence, v club should b cool~

    cant do farewell this weekend then come to hk la!!~

    1. Author

      Lammy – i do need to go to hong kong – but think weekday is better cuz i have to go to HSBC and maybe buy a laptop…..also meet accountant. so maybe monday or tues next week

  10. u know the best places to buy laptop in hk? shum shui po!!!

  11. who cares american show off, ceo just lucky the rest of us have to work for food and rent, we don’t need to hear you whine about your choice of colors for you next car purchase etc… get a life humble yourself you’ll make better friends in staed of kiss ass at the ceo offices

    1. Author

      Hey Paul,

      nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I am not forcing you to read this post and comment right? If you don’t like it, you can just stop reading. but seems you like it enough to read it all, glad you learned something.

      There is a saying I like “loved, hated, but never ignored”. This is something to keep in mind.


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