Making Sales in China – Talk About Awkward!

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man….not only am I a foreigner here…but now I am selling to Chinese…after pushing pretty hard getting some sample orders and small bar orders. I can do it….it is a price first, quality second game – but I can meet or beat most prices.

The awkward part comes from my not being able to speak chinese….the customer in China finds me online, comes to my office, and my staff chat with them….I sign the receipt, shake hands…..but man…i neeed to communicate with my customers!

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  1. i like the 98 products graphic you’ve got going on here. I like the line where you can meet and/or beat the prices. you are really showing the chinese what it’s all about and they are learning from you sucking it in. So just continue doing what you do. Don’t worry about the language. Hire people to talk and translate for you. You don’t need to speak chinese to sell!

    1. Author

      thanks dude, 2 and a half years later i get to comment here (the blogger system was blocked in china then)

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