Reflecting Before My Departure – Losing Something Might Be Positive

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Been thinking a lot lately (well, I guess you’re thinking whats new, as you can see from my blog I am always thinking) But leaving Shenzhen / China – is it a failure? Its a change for me I think. And I am not leaving 100%. I am going to be on the road, traveling, visiting companies, offices, training, learning, growing. But still, the China office closing is still a monumental event for me.

I was sooo excited to come to China. I thought I would be king of the world. you can see back in my blog end of 2007 early 2008 … excited, hiring, new offices, china company formation, new projects. I guess today especially, sitting in the empty office waiting for July 15 to come when someone will come to sublet from me has been humbling.

BUT THIS IS WHAT I CAME FOR RIGHT? This is my MBA. This is the process of an entrepreneur. The roller coaster of ups and downs. I have to be ready for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Talking to my friend Tom Chung in hong kong (his company ATC Distribution, sells iphone + electronic accessories) has a lot of experience working with Chinese, while in Hong kong the majority of the time, and he and I have been chatting:

Tom says: you had fun
you learned?
so you should have no regrets
chinese have a saying “you lose something, it might be a positive thing”

I am loving that – losing something might be positive!!!! Well, I guess in a way, it makes you realize what you want in life. What is important. And FOCUS. To cut out the things holding you back. The things you don’t like to do.

It wasn’t about coming to China for me. It was the ADVENTURE. INTERNATIONAL business. International travel. And now I AM DOING JUST THAT. The past few months I’ve been away from the office so much, testing this traveling frequently, away from the daily operations. And I have learned. I know what my priorities are.

I’m sure there are people here reading this laughing, and maybe even happy – “stupid Mike, thought he could change the world, change China” – hha, well I laugh right back at ya, because I am just adjusting, changing, readapting

but this is life. and we are growing, getting better, reflecting. I’ll be in Philippines soon, growing my office and operation there. Marie, get ready!! Gonna be another wild ride.

And China, don’t think I gave up on you so quick, I’ll be back and forth working with alliances and partners here.

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  1. No one will laugh, and you dont lose anything. On the contrary,you gain so much experince about international business,international culture,and a chinese market resource,,,,etc here.That is most valued treasure.

    I am sure your business will grow bigger both in Phillipine and China.

    I am building a store(Phototemps) on the prostores now, and hope i can present a good work to you soon. Consider you have many things to do,so we better meet next time when you come here,as frankly speaking,,i will only ask shallow question with my broken English again^^

    Thank you my teacher,though just read your blog and comment here,,it already open a new world for me.

    Good Luck to you! I will keeping reading your blog.

    your biggest fan!:-)

    1. Author

      aww, thank you Jane. Yes I keep reminding myself this – and that is what I wanted when I came here – experience, network. So I have achieved my goal.

      I am glad I have helped inspire you – yes many of my past workers tell me this, and it is the most valuable feelin to me. I have great friends and long lasting relationships.

      I look forward to seeing your prostores!!! awesome

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    1. Author

      Hey Tom,
      glad you like my quote there, I’m learning all about that “add oil” Hong Kong saying……. adding as much as I can!!!

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