Just Passed on a Great Opportunity….

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I cannot disclose the name of the company, or the details…..but I have to get it out of my head. For a few weeks I’ve been considering an offer to become CEO of a company back in USA. My main skill to bring would be sales, marketing and streamlining business processes.

But I just cannot leave what I have developed. Sure, there are hard times. Its a struggle. But I love:

  • International Travel / International Business
  • Internet and Ecommerce

I did not see that opportunity there, and even if I could part time do some of these online businesses, it just would not be the same as what I am doing now.

I have to suck it up – I have to keep the good fight to build this online international ecommerce network.

Also, I am getting a name as an American businessman in China (you can even google it, I think I’m top 5 or so)…..to become an American businessman in America……am I losing the value and the differentiating factor i’ve been working on for so many years…..

but the person who offered the CEO position was a good friend of mine….and I wanted to work with him, and thought we could have achieved great things. He understands….and I hope he can do well with other candidates or options. I just can’t stop what I’ve got going on – international business and ecommerce is where I belong!

Short post, but reflecting…..

I cannot take every opportunity, I have to make choices and deal with it.

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  1. giv n take~ u never know what u’d get soon 😉 life’s full of surprises!! that’s y it’s so much fun!! x

    1. Author

      sure this blog is just me thinking outloud…..

      life is a gift – thats why we call it the present!!

  2. sounds good
    great writing
    like that rich or poor story
    and the quiz who is important

  3. Author

    thanks dad, yes we just have to make our own life from what we are given….and make the best of it

    miss the fam back home!!

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