Managing When Everyone Wants to be a Freelancer!

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Seriously today’s world is changing so quickly world is flat, technology is moving at lightening speed with tablets and mobile technology replacing the need for laptops (never mind archaic desktops!), coworking is the new modern office, and everyone is a independent contractor and freelancer!

I have always wondered this since my day job at Deutsche Bank…so many people were not happy there, going to work day in and day out, when the sun is outside and it’s a beautiful day for a walk in the park…but because of schedule, management, and control we need to “punch in and punch out” at a set time to prove we are adding value and earning our salary. Doesn’t matter if we work faster or more efficiently then others, we still had to work the same amount of hours to show management we were putting in our time.

But companies lose people due to that…everyone wants to be their own boss, it’s a dream I think most people have. And its becoming more and more of a reality with the internet and technology. We can sell online, we can offer our skills and services online as a service. Location becomes more and more irrelevant, and the specific time we check in and out of an office is obsolete.

But still, as a “boss” management is my weakness I have to admit, I try my best to be flexible, accommodating people who want to work from home or have flexible hours….yet still there is nothing like SEEING THE PEOPLE WORK IN FRONT OF YOU. And teams….to have people work in teams…rather than large amounts of emails blasting back and forth or long boring conference calls where half the people on the call don’t need to be on the call.

As readers of my blog can tell, I have been exploring the best place for me to station myself…with China being a “hot market” yet so strict with internet censorship, and Philippines as a great English speaking support center but little sales opportunity, and America too expensive with not enough growth in my eyes…I’m just stuck seeing the best in one location offset with the hardship of being there at the same time.

So with everyone wanting to be a freelancer, location being less and less important, we need to adapt right? It also “hedges” the bet more between which country to base in, as you can manage workers in China, Philippines, Hong Kong, USA, Europe via online tools….YOU JUST HAVE TO WORK AT IT. Managing the freelancers becomes a full time job! And it’s a valuable job. Leon explained to me how its an endless pool of resources. Its more efficient…you can find experts in all kinds of fields, and grow your team.

Its just more LEARNING and adapting I have to put up with. While traveling like a madman between Hong Kong, Dongguan, and Shenzhen (with a sprinkle of Philippines), studying Chinese, and writing these blog posts. But learning how to manage an army of freelancers is a necessary thing, and it only can get easier once you break the ice.

Coworking and freelancers…the future of work. What about EDUCATION, do children still need to go to a classroom to learn? I actually think the main reason for going to school is not the education but the facetime with other students the INTERACTION and learning about yourself, your personality, and how to deal with all other kinds of personalities. Maybe then going to school is necessary (even if the young kid hates it!) but is going to the office really necessary (and most people hate that too!) And then you start thinking of the office politics, how much time and energy is wasted on that B.S.! Plus the rent for the office ,the electricity, overhead, and the cost the workers pay on commuting back and forth.

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  1. We don’t want to do sth.
    but, we have to do many things.
    this is life
    whether the boss or the employee
    we MUST to do something we don’t like/hate.
    although i don’t know much about business.:)
    by the way,last day i read one of your article about poem,i like poem very much,but most of them are Chinese poems.
    i hope that one day we can communicate each other with poems.

    1. Author

      I dont know if i think its true – WHY DO WE NEED TO DO things we hate?? There should be people who like to do what we hate, and like to do what they hate, right?

      1. hmm..maybe different people hold different opinions,
        but many people have the time involuntarily..

        1. Author

          life is too short for us to do things we dont enjoy….part of future life development should be finding what we like to do and cooperating with others who like to do what we ourselved do not

        2. yes, right!
          but, as for me,now ,a student,have to do sth. i don’t like,as a machine for study…
          some meaningless exams..
          just like i am very interested in English,but i don’t like the English exam which i have to pass—i can’t learn knowledge from it:(

          1. Author

            well…we may not like school…but it does help train us how to learn…..i bet when its over and you are working everydy you will miss school

            must see the good in everything

        3. Right!agree with you.actually i like school life very much.hope to read your book one day.

        4. well,every coin has two sides. I can learn how to be a real person from it. Learn things bad or good for me. 🙂 thanks. good night!

  2. mom said hi
    you are writing great
    you will master it all
    i love to survey and work with

    1. Author

      thanks dad…..yea i never thought id be a writer when i was in school…thought that guys need to do computers and math, and girls do writing and marketing….

      hope to write a book one day…mybe be like bruce williams

  3. More and more people around me are liking to working from home. They are all tired of the punch in and punch out routine. But being freelancer/soho you also have to bear the pressure from many sides.
    when all people wants to be self-employed,what the world will become?

    1. Author

      yea….this post is kind of starting to get people to think about coworking……freelancers and shared offices…..internet and technology and barriers to entry being broken down.

      Size doesnt matter so much….things can just keep on getting SMALLER and more niche. If you notice, BIG internet companies are slower then small internet companies.

      Coworking becomes incubators…..and small startups kill big, fat “lazy” old fashioned big companies.

      innovation and technology will grow at a faster pace, and people will keep having to be smarter, faster to compete

      that is how it will change the world 😉

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