Is It Worth It To Blog Anymore? I’m Upgrading!

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So many friends of mine – especially in China – have given up blogging. Well, I think it is really due to the Wechat game, taking over the Chinese internet. I even have a Chinese language blog that I still keep online – but no one even goes. My wife helps post on our Wechat official account – but I can’t convince her to also post that in the Chinese WordPress blog.

In the Western world, I see people putting full blog posts in Medium and even on Facebook (yes a full blog post in Facebook – exclusively!) – I really wish people would keep this content also on their own websites. Seems ludicrous to me.

I still want to keep the blogs!

I remember some awesome blogs on MYSPACE! There was 1 specifically I remember, he quit his job, sold everything he owned, and traveled across country to trade things he owned to start a new life. People on Myspace loved it. He updated us at least daily with long blog posts etc.

It is sad, but I think all of those blog posts are gone. What a waste. Maybe its the “pack rat” in me, but I still personally enjoy popping back to some blog posts here from 2007! It is motivating.

But the more and more people I talk to – I hear them saw “Screw a blog / website just use Facebook”. Maybe it is what is hot right now, and I also put the content there, but I like to still have the home base of a blog to come back to.

So Mike’s Blog is here for the long term – let’s make it great. I think even if there is a VR/AR world and we’re spending cryptocurrency, it will still need a base of content.

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Dan Andrews

here’s one vote for keeping your home base! 😀


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