Trusting People And Scaling a Business

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I have to admit, it has always been difficult for me to fully trust a person…..which, is the opposite many people think of me. Often i am told i trust too easily (especially what chinese people say about all foreigners), BUT i think my main difference is that i trust easily on a limited basis, but for full trust, that is rare.
One example – back in usa when i was in college, a group of us would drive up to a drive-up bank ATM and the driver would take out cash for everyone. When your card came up, you would say outloud how much cash you wanted and your PIN password….i would always pass on this event, even if they were friends id know a long time…it just didn’t seem right. And while i would trust them enough for medium level life trust events, just never comfortable having someone else drive my car, or use my keys for things.
I realize in life, and especially in business, we cannot grow as a person or as a business if we do not confide in others around us.
Especially being in china, where i still cannot read the chinese characters, i have to trust friends and coworkers with what in the usa i would never so openly share (contracts, invoices, etc).
But in having this happen to me, it has forced me to realize two things;
1) trust more in others to grow
2) learn chinese

But recently i have delegated and empowered even more….for 2 reasons, 1) to grow my business and 2) to have more personal time (seems that is still taking some time)
But this process has been difficult for me, personally,
For example, sales, i have usually always had the primary relationship with company accounts, but now i have to take an inquiry and have a colleague take the lead….
This makes me nervous for 2 reasons;
1) i seem to be a control freak
2) i am afraid the coworker will leave the company

This has been most strenuous the past couple weeks, as i am away from the office a good amount of time, and i have to delegate so much….transitioning from an “on the fence” type B personality to a “full blown” type B i get edgy and fight myself internally
So that is why i need to rely on good people, and i almost call them my “family”
My colleague, and friend, mark, pointed out that i always hire inexperienced fresh graduates, and thinks its due to this lack of trust of an experienced worker…. Yes i have to admit, that is a big part as to why. But a couple others are salary requirements, as well as…..i think it would be odd to hire people much older then myself.
But…look, i am trying. Also, i am more experienced myself. And older. Plus i believe i have a solid staff and loyal clients who value the services i provide and the person i am.
Rock on, and if i get screwed over….guess i will blog about it!

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  1. learn some chinese when you have spare time, it’s good though, not only the work assignment, also the business develop in the future.

    1. Author

      Sure, its on my list….just always wonder how to prioritize learning Chinese…Its been getting more and more of an urgent agenda these days, as lately I am dealing more with 100% chinese speaking people…and I know its necessary to stay here.

      but how to start – take classes?

  2. you have good people
    in us & china
    you are doing everything right
    hollween tomorrow
    you keep up good work
    thanks for update
    your mom said happy holliday

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