Learning A Lot about People Even Without a Common Language

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I’ll admit… I have never been interested or skilled at learning other languages. I’m another “stereotypical American” that thinks

Why doesn’t everyone just speak English?

Over the past few years, my Chinese has improved….while I did expect it to better then it is, I have never taken any formal classes, some quick tutoring and listening to others while traveling and at bars. I can get by in traveling and restaurants for the most part.

But as I learn to travel to different countries, I do learn its not just language, but BODY language…..facial expressions, body positions, smile, etc that I can explain myself and get through various situations to “make it to the next level”.

A lot of people thinks it actually takes speaking the local language in each international region / country one does business. Yes, sure that is a perk, and people do respect you and like you more for it. But I have seen many fail even with this “local language” knowledge, it drives deeper then that.

Its learning the culture, the deep feeling of the people, the thoughts, what is behind they way they make decisions, their financial position, religious, etc.


Its about understanding, studying, caring, and then trying to create win-win positions for everyone. So many westerners, or foreigners in any country, come to make as much money for themselves, or maybe for their own country, that they forget its about creating a win-win.

Teaching workers, improving their work, productivity, thought process, is a trade off for working in a country that has lower labor rates. They are also very anxious to work and learn more.

I believe I have, while living overseas outside of my home country, been better at “reading people” – to look deep into a person’s soul, and dreams, and wishes. Its about helping those people reach those places they want that motivates them to fight for you, and work hard.

I hope everyone in life can achieve what they want. And I am an open book. No secrets, and people see that and respect that.

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