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Adjusting to the Life of Blogger and Investor

With the recent news of selling Sisitano to Alpha Rock Capital – an Amazon FBA acquisitions firm, and joining as Director of Business Development – I am now a blogger, podcaster, and investor. 

Being on the other side of the table, I do miss being an entreprener. Yet I am already helping out friends and making intros (being a business dev dude is awesome, I am driving in leads and dealflow and not in the details of it afterwards!) – I am already seeing lives changing and money changing hands

A lot of news happening at Alpha Rock that I can’t share publicly yet, another thing I need to get used to – as my style is share things as they are happening.

But my favorite part is everyone seems happy. Previous investors / partners at Sisitano (Technically Para Living) are satisfied and we are onto being a bigger group buying out Amazon FBA businesses around the globe.

Just keep moving forward and executing. While also blogging, vlogging, and podcastin’ about it along the way (as much as I can, that is.)

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