Can’t Stop – Coming like a freight train

In motivation by Michael Michelini1 Comment

In an extremely motivated mode again right now….Easter isn’t celebrated in China so I’ve been spending the weekend doing office housekeeping…laying out the desks, moving things around…and general strategizing….

Feel like its taken months and months of time, but I am so pumped becase I am blazing a path that was the dream I can think of since I remember. DOn’t let things get in my way, keep building, keep moving along, and I see what has to happen in the next few months, and the next few years a bit better

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  1. Hey, nice setup. i like the 2 monitors and nice chairs looking like you mean business. i like that you have a comfortable chair, looks like leather, is it? means youre investing into your health. those cookies in the front means you’re not eating to healthy. cut those out of your diet. try to limit your diet to women 😉 LOL. glad to hear youre in the zone!!! get em Mike

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