Longest Trip Ever – Being Away from Wife and Kids

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Typing this up from my friend’s office in Prague. He worked in my coworking space when he was visiting Shenzhen and now is returning the favor. So fortunate to have good friends around the world.

But friends aren’t the same as family – especially when you are a new dad and have a 2 year old and a 5 month old waiting for you at home.

My wife is awesome and sends daily photos and videos to me so it is motivating. But really, it is hard to be away so long.

When I booked this trip to Europe – it didn’t look like such a long time. But especially when weekends come – and Sunday mornings (when I’m typing this up) is really rough. This is normally my family time. I have gotten used to allocating the time to hang out with the kids – and seems that is all that matters in my world now – so when each weekend here has come – it is dragging on and on longer each time.

On top of the Europe trip (with Doug’s wedding in Phuket just before) – I also added almost a week in Cebu. I want to try to keep communication going with the businesses I am in. It was good to see Josh there – but maybe it wasn’t long enough. Or maybe this trip has also made communication there harder.

I’ll be back to Asia soon enough. While you guys see these video blogs – it is only the fun highlights of the trip. There has been full days of non stop work in Simon’s office, from 8am to 8pm, and it has been great to catch up on so many things.

Probably I am over tired right now, overextended on what I am doing. I’m proud of myself for making this trip happen. I have learned so much at these events in Barcelona and Prague, expanded my network in Europe quite a bit too – so pushing the boundaries and extending yourself is the way to grow.

Now the question is – when I do travel in the future – do I take my wife and kids with me? That is a whole new ballgame!

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