People Have to Make Their Own Mistakes in Life

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In so many ways in life, i think the hardest transition for me is to “let go” and let others do something for themselves to learn. I think its because i have no patience, so i cant stand to watch someone else waste time or do something wrong that will cause issues further down the road.
For example marie and her team are doing the operations for newyorkbarstore these days, and its great and all, i am trying my best to explain things – but i just have to let go and realize that mistakes will happen. And therefore i have to budget for this.
But if i dont want to accept the fact that mistakes will happen, and people have to learn for themselves, then i will never “let go” and have others manage operations.
I think its part of being a manager….kind of like what i imagine being a parent is like.
Hopefully one day i am fortunate to have children of my own, and i will watch them grow up. if i hold their hands and help them to get from place to place, then they will never learn to walk! They have to fall sometimes, get a scraped knee, cry, and then get up to walk again.

Its part of life – learning and growing.

And its my job as a future parent, or as a manager, to coach the person or guide them answer questions about the best way to walk, but to step back and let them try themselves.
Its about giving up some power, control – and having more patience…and budgetting more room for error / mistakes – because in life – we learn from our mistakes! Its how we grow.

Its been a struggle for me to accept this, but I am forcing myself now, biting my tongue more (well, not 100% of the time) and making things go this new way.

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  1. what a mountain climb
    life is so much about wactching
    helping and biting your tongue
    great writing

    1. Author

      haha, thanks for reading dad!!!!

      yea, I think its one of the hardest things for me……holding back from doing everything myself.

  2. thanx for this it you really said what i needed to hear

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