Introvert: Accepting Who You Are

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I am an introvert.

I think we need to just accept our human nature. Also by knowing ourselves – it helps us better connect with others.

Cross Border Summit had truly amazing people. It is all about networking. Today is Oct 24 and we just finished the Cross border Summit last night. Was an amazing time – as always – but I truly am an introvert.

Starting these events in 2016 (planning since 2015) it was a way to connect with listeners of the podcast. Actually it was in response to the many asking to meet me for coffee/ beer (I don’t drink FYI) – and the amazing podcast guests who were willing to share with the community.

So we did Cross Border Summit in April 2016, 2017, 2018, and just wrapped up 2019.

Still physically and mentally exhausted, two days later.

Introvert seems to have a negative connotation (at least for me) – but I am embracing it. Hearing someone define the differences in the past year helped me to understand it more:

Definition / Differences of an Introvert and an Extrovert

Introvert – loses energy when talking to people.
Extrovert – gains energy when talking to people.

For me, I am definitely drained when talking to people.

I prefer to write a blog post that people can read up on for years to come than to be in a 1 on 1 discussion with someone in a loud room.

Reading a book – how I found freedom in an unfree world – has also helped me – to not care what others think of me or what I am.

Clint, I met at the CBS – a long time listener and reader at GFA – and said I am not at all like what he thought I would be like in person.

Yes, I am drained and tired – it was the end of a 2 and a half day conference.

Also taking a personality test has helped me understand. I recommend you also look at yourself, and just embrace it.

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