What Is Your Personality? (plus my test results)

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Reviewing My Personality Test – Good For Team Building

As the partners at Alpha Rock Capital get to know one another, Alex suggested we all take a personality test. Chatting in the Slack channel, various people suggested different tests, but Alex said these 2 are the main ones we should take:

yea that is one version, ideally I would like everyone to take the following two:
1. https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test – Meyers Briggs 16 personalities, this is a lite version but good to get a general idea of how we work as individuals. My personality is (removed)
2. https://www.understandmyself.com – The Big 5 analysis. this is alot more comprehensive but worthwhile. It brings deeper insight out of your underlying drivers. I have attached my profile
PDF (removed)

So putting my “grind mode” on, I got through both of them in about 1 hour total (could have done it in less, but was 2 different 30 minute sprints / grinds).

Highly recommend trying these out. And it is super cheap, the 16 Personalities one is free (with a bunch of upsells for more data – so be prepared) and Understand Myself being a quick Paypal payment of 10 bucks.

We threw our results into Google drive, and compared each other. Does seem to be a good way for each of us to know who is stronger in which trait – and I am not sure how much I should share on my public blog here – but figured I’d give you some insights to my personality – maybe you can know me more and share your own results with me?

16 Personalities

I came out to be a Mediator personality.

You can read about this person in the link above – I summarize it as an “artist”

There is the cool part in the profile where it shows famous people who also have this personality, for mine it is:

  • William Shakespeare
  • JRR Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings Author)
  • Alicia Keys (singer)
  • Julia Roberts
  • Johnny Depp
  • Frodo Baggins (character in the Lord of the Rings)
  • Fox Mulder (X-Files!)

Pretty cool – it seems like I am a creative and sensitive person. Can’t really argue with that assessment. With a fourth book coming out (EcommerceGladiator.com ) in a couple weeks, and all this content and blogs – you could imagine.

Understand Myself

This one is a bit deeper and more personal – but I’ll share the highlights here:

It compares you to a sample group of 100 people in a room.

I’m average agreeableness, polite, compassion

I’m a hard worker

I’m average extravert / enthusiastic

I have high volatility / neuroticism / withdrawal – ya, sensitive….highly emotional person (sorry.)

And not too open to experiences (not sure how they determined this one, not sure I fully agree)

How About Your Personality?

I’d love to hear how your results came out 🙂

Maybe this is a new friendship and business partnership requirement 😉

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