Google Will Stay in China, no matter what

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I feel that Google has lost its attempt to “change the Chinese government” and is still trying to remain in China. Wow, they really scared me a couple weeks ago – but even if they pull out of China, now they say only pull out selectively – keeping some research and development here , as well as advertising sales.

Reading Search Engine Land – it reports after Google’s earnings report on Wall street, that Eric Schmidt is “backtracking” with their prior stance on Google not putting up with the Chinese government’s censoring rules.

Another part, maybe also behind this, is the google inventors, Sergey Brin and Larry Page To Sell Of $2.79 Billion in Shares. They still own a heck of a lot of shares, but now they need Eric’s vote to get over 50% of the voting power of the company.

Anyway, all this news makes the world realize, you can’t just forget how important the growing Chinese internet is. There are just too many eyeballs at stake……literally.

Sales and Research (R&D) in China….interesting thought…..

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